Resume all normal activities (FGK 238)

Pincher Creek, Alta

May 13th,/56

NOTE – Box 216.!! OBSERVE!

Dearest Margie:

Received your wonderful, stupendous, tremendous, witty, cheerful, “etc” letter and was mostest pleased! i really didn’t expect you to write as I know how difficult it is to keep joy those busy correspondence lessons and do anything else! You are to be commended dear, and I mean that! I never could manage it.

Well, I was up to RCH on May 1st and Dr Townsend said I could “resume all normal activities!” Which means that I can do anything my l’il ol’ heart desires! Isn’t that tremendous!!? I fear the “doc” would have a genuine canary if he realized that I have been carrying almost normal activities – with the exception of strenuous sports ONLY! Oh well, – no harm done as my back is “beautiful” (in my estimation) (BRAG BRAG). I have n desire to take part in any other activities at the moment anyhow! Can’t even get enuff sleep now!!

Mom is feeling much better since her “op”. She’s doing all the work at home alone, which is no small job with a hired man and a family that size! It’s supposed to take approximately a year to get over a gall-bladder operation completely, so Mom is doing really remarkably after a few short weeks. However she gets tired quickly and I fear overdoes somewhat – but what can you do!!

Say Marg, I sure wish I had been up there when you and Sheila were keeping house! It just so happens that I’m a spaghetti and meat all fan too so we could have had a real ball! Too bad! (Har, har!) When you come down this summer, we’ll have to go on a camping trip (in the back yard) armed with loads and loads of the stuff! That would be a “sure cure”.

Today they held an “Empire Youth Sunday” observance at Brocket – there were about 800 there for an open air service and parade! It was really lovely. Also this weekend our AYSA (?) has entertained st. Stephenson YP from Calgary. Six of us girls stayed out at our place last night! The place was fairly bulging, but we had a picnic! You see, we had supper at the hall Sat nite and then all went to the dance up at “Turtle Mountain Playgrounds” for the evening. Had a hilarious time, but by the time we staggered in to bed it was about 3:00. That’s not bad if you can sleep in, but I couldn’t sleep as it was (Anne kicks!!) and we had to get up at 7:00 to make it to town for communion at 9:00! No wonder I can’t make any sense tonight- guess I”d better get to bed (I should be doing homework!)

Well, Margie, I suppose you’ll be utterly disgusted wth me for even mentioning it, but I (at the moment) have a gigantic problem and it concerns ———- boys (MEN???). You see, my philosophy of life is “DON’T GO STEADY”. However, I’m finding that might be the solution to a lot of things at the present moment. I’m constantly making one of ‘three’ mad at me for going out with someone else! Of course (as I’ve painted out!) they’ve no right to be mad as we’re not going steady but it would almost appear that Im fickle (which I am). O dud e a rur! I wish all the Tom, Dicks, and Harrys would “take off” (temporarily) and let me nurse an “Old Maid” complex for a while. However, a different date every week – sure is fun!!! (Famous last words). Remember what happens before the fall of all great men? (I don’t)

Suppose by now you can see that the effects of the weekend are really beginning to show! Next weekend we’re planning a holiday at Waterton – so more fun and less sleep again! Oh well, I’m studying along with it and pretty soon there won’t be anything else to do – so guess I’ll enjoy life while the “opportunity is knocking” (ya can’t come EEN!!)

See ya later alligator!

much love, Janet

PS Write me after a while crocodile! (Gee you’re cute). (Dig those blearily bloodshot eyes!!) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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