Stick a red ribbon in an envelope (FGK 239)

Mom would never speak with me about her time in the hospital (barring one time that I interviewed her for a Women’s Studies paper and unfortunately that paper got thrown away while I was gone). I wish I had known Janet, she sounds like a wonderful friend, and tons of fun. I’m glad they were friends. And for the record, although she constantly apologizes for her handwriting, it’s beautiful and easy to read. Our standards have fallen since then – my scrawl isn’t nearly as nice as it used to be when I was a teenager, thank goodness I can type most of my thoughts now, although as you can tell I rely on autocorrect too often and sometimes it flat out changes words!

I googled her – and thank goodness for old time small towns because they used to report on everything that happened. As far as I can tell she went to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, she played piano at someone’s wedding (perhaps one of the many she talks about), and played some sports in Lethbridge. I really hope her life has been filled with love and happiness.

Pincher Creek, Alta

Aug 26/57

Dearest Margie;

As I don’t expect you received my last letter I really don’t know why I’m writing another one but here I am anyhow!

Say, will you please congratulate that sister of yours on her marriage for me! I groped around on the first for sometime after Auntie Ava sent me the clipping from the paper. It really surprised me – and it shouldn’t have really except that I’m getting old and don’t realize hoe time flies.

How are m’dear? And your Mom and Dad and Marshall? Where is Sheila living now? Oh dear this will soon add up to Twenty Questions. Please excuse the scrawl – it’s just my handwriting that’s all – too bad!

Just got back from another shower! Honestly, I’ve never seen so many weddings in a summer – it seems to be the style lately – and has kept me broke all the time.

Tonite it was for a girl I went to school with in my grade – on Saturday another girl from my grade was married – it was a truly beautiful wedding but they were both so young. Guess Im pre-destined to be an old maid Margie! How about you?

I’m hoping to go to Calgary sometime in September before I go to Edmonton so will phone your home an find out “whither thou hast flown”.

Well, I expect I shouldn’t waste too much time on this as it will probably never reach you. I lost your Florida address so that’s why the big delay – I hesitated to send it to Cochrane ‘cause I thought maybe your folks were down “South” with you! See how far behind I am? You might as well count me out as a tiny spat in the dust!

Shall see you I’m hoping before another three or four years are gone. If you get this please stick a red ribbon in an envelope or something? And send it so I’ll at least know I’m on the right track!

Love to everyone and loads, tons, bushels, and “lots” of love to yourself!!

All my love, Janet

PS please tell me anything you’ve heard about Maryanne or any of the others. I’m afraid I’ve almost completely lost touch with RCH. Is Miss Hines married yet? Luff, Jan


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