Oh what fun we had! (FGK 240)

July 25, 1957

Dear Margaret

Just a note to say “hi”. I was glad to get your letter and hear that you had such a nice trip home with the kids meeting you.

What have you been doing this summer? Have you learned to drive yet, or has that mean old mounty been in the way?

Dana and I went to the auditorium Monday night and saw John Ireland in “Picnic”. He played a young vagabond. It was a good show, we both enjoyed it.

Last week we saw Jerry Lewis’s “Delicate Delinquent”. We never laughed so much. Was he ever silly.

We haven’t seen any of the kids lately except Olga and Joan a few times. I heard Olga’s aunt got sick and they went up to be with her.

When you got home did they think you had changed much? We had all gotten so mischievous and silly. But Oh What Fun we had.

I have a chance to help in a florist shop this fall. Next month I am helping with the flowers for two weddings. So I am starting in Welsh School this Friday to study floristry. I will only get to go from four to six weeks and only three days a week. Maybe I will learn enough in that time to help a little.

There is a lot of good songs on the top thirty list. Am enclosing a list for you “Searchin’” has been number one for several weeks.

We are going to the Rock (?) tonight Dana will be coming before long so will close for now.

Hope to hear from you soon

Love ya



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