Go Throw a Snowball For Me (FGK 241)

I may have mentioned this before, but I remember as a little kid in school when my parents would send in a note to the teacher I would often be called up to their desk so I could read the note for the teacher. Mom said the handwriting was so bad because she was a lawyer and developed the scrawl because of all the notes she had to take in university. But reading a letter from her 16 year old self says that perhaps this handwriting issues had been going on for a little while longer than that.

Let me just say that when I skipped school it was a much different experience than it apparently was for my mother. Also, I never confessed to such acts of delinquency. But now I can haha.

I also want to know who TIBERIOUS and Cyril are? Dogs? Horses? People? Anyone know???

618 N. Halifax Ave

Daytona Beach

November 16, 1956

Dear Mom, Dad, and Marsh

Thought I’d better drop you all a line before the weekend started. Thanks for your letters. I hope you got the negatives I sent in my last letter. I flunked Latin today and only got 66% passing is 70%. I skipped 3 periods of school today with Cynthia and Ellen Paul. However, I spent most of it doing bookkeeping for the student council.

Was glad to hear Sheila got off to Vulcan ok but you forgot to tell me her address. I’m sure she’ll like it there.

Don’t worry about Christmas. I only mentioned coming home because I thought it would be handy if the company plane went to New York. Never fear, I’ll have plenty to do in the Christmas holidays. Believe it or not I’m not homesick.

I still haven’t decided what university I’m going to. Queens would be swell but it’s sure nice down here. What a problem!

Next day: Saturday

Well we didn’t do much last night. We went over and played cards art the place of a boy from school for a while then came home and watched TV. This morning I went over to the school for extra classes in algebra.

Guess what!! I know where i can get the neatest little sports car for only $400!! Let me tell you it’s a Bayan!! One of the boys at Seabreeze High is selling it.

I want to know what you want for Christmas. Give me hint at least. Don’t worry about me just give me clothes – not fancy party ones but just ones that bill be really liveable. Do you want me to buy gifts for all my friends up there or will you? I’m afraid the customs would take quite a toll.

Everyone says to say “hi” to you all and they’re all doing fine down here. Tell Lorraine Eklund she’d better hurry up and write to me or I’ll be really mad at her. What is she going to school for anyway? How is LaVerne? He’ll be so big whenI get homeI won’t know him and so will Marlene. Also say “hi” to Deloris and Ken for me and George and Mary and the girls.

It’s a lovely day here as it has been all week. About 80 degrees, calm and beautiful. You poor souls up there – hah hah!!! Go throw a snowball for me. The oranges are just getting right so I’ll pick one for you. Man!! Do they taste good!! The guava season is past though.

I’ve got simply tons of homework to do. The publicity committee advised he Colonel to be really strict with us and pile the homework on!! The Colonel never goes back on their advice. How is Buckles coming? AND HOW ARE TIBERIOUS AND CYRIL? Nobody ever mentions them. How could you.

Love Marg xxx


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