I’ve lost all track of time (FGK 244)

Kind of cool to get a little update on some of the friends mom had while she was in the hospital. I often wonder how their life stories turned out.

Suite 3

933-18th ave w

Calgary, Alta

May 15, 1956

Dear Margaret,

I am sorry I have never got in touch with you before now. I have heard news of you through Janet several times but don’t know what you are doing now. I was talking to Lillian the other night and she is finally going to start walking. I suppose you knew Maryanne had to quit University at Christmas because she fell. She had another operation at the General Hospital and was moved back to the hospital at Ponoka this week. I also talked to Isabel but haven’t seen her yet. Anne Pettea is in the RC but I don’t know if they’d let me in to see her or not. I work every day except Sat afternoon and Sunday so maybe I could be sneaked in some night.

I am working out at the Provincial Labortories out at the Sanatorium for the summer. I am really enjoying my work and the staff is wonderful to work with. I enjoyed my university year very much but had to study a lot. I am sure glad for a rest now.

I like Calgary but after Edmonton I can get myself well lost. I’ve only been here a week so haven’t got around too much but it won’t take long to get to know the city. I have a lovely place to room and board. If you’re in the city any evening or weekend with nothing to do let me know as I would love to have a visit with you. My phone number is 446753.

Did your sister graduate last year or this year? I’ve lost all track of time since I left the RC. I suppose you can still go back for a check-up but the rest of the old gang are over the age limit and have to call on our doctors downtown . George Lane and Carl are out teaching and Don Farmer is going to take commerce at Varsity. I also heard what Willard was doing but I forget now.

Maybe you can tell me some news abut the kids.

I am writing this letter during lunch hour. We have 1 1/2 hours off each noon so we have a lot of free time. When the weather gets nice we hope to play tennis, golf, or swim. Meanwhile I am still crocheting hankie edges. I think I am working on the one I was doing when I left the hospital.

I hope to see or hear from you when you get time.

A friend, Verna


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