Sitting on the front step waiting for the postman(FGK 245)

So what was the parcel Uncle Marshall sent???? Cliff hangers all over the place with these letters! Did grandma and grandpa find a good place? And why was mom at the age of 15 allowed to be out until 3:30 am???? I have questions haha!

1061 Volusia Ave

Daytona Beach

Jan 5, 1956


Marshall’s parcel hasn’t arrived yet and I’m consumed by curiosity so I’m sitting on the front step waiting for the postman to come by so I can ask him about it. I’ve spent almost the whole morning here so it had better come today!! I also owe him some money so….

School started Thursday thank heaven, terrible to say but I was actually getting tired of the holidays and I’ll have to tell you this, by the end of them I was so tired of movies I refused to go to them!! I know you’d like to hear that!

I went over to Adam’s New Years Eve for dinner and then went to a drive-in it was one of those marathon affairs and we didn’t get out until 3:30am – you can see why I’m sick of them!!

New Year’s Day I didn’t do anything except sleep and write thank you notes – I could have gone to a movie but for some queer reason didn’t.

I’ve done some looking around for a place for you to stay but it’s rather hard without a definite date of your arrival as most of the places are booked up for February. The Shaliman may have a room for a few days but it is doubtful, it would amount to about $30 per week. Mrs Franks and I went to see a motel down Volusia a way – a few hundred yards from the airport entrance. They’d be quite close to us but not near the school and you’d need a car. The linen and everything is furnished for $40 a week and it has quite a nice kitchenette. There’s a bedroom – living room combined. It would be about the cheapest you could get and still be in a good clean etc place. I phoned Mrs Adam’s about it and most of the places over there (if there’s vacancy) are $60 to $75 a week. I could probably get you some on the ocean if you like but it’ll have to be soon because you just can’t get anything good in this town unless it’s in advance that’s whyI want to know the date of your arrival. Mrs Franks doesn’t recommend the Shaliman because their best rooms are taken and you would only get one on the third floor and of course you couldn’t cook. Tell me about how much you want to pay and that will save a lot of time and whether on the peninsula or the mainland.

The Colonel gave us our report cards the other day. He said I could sign my own, I’ll send it up to you all but don’t sign it because I already have but I thought you might like to see it.

We’ve gotten over our cold snap now and it’s back to 75 degrees. Which reminds me, Mrs Franks says not to send down any more warm clothes because except for a very short spell I’ll never get a chance to wear them


The mailman never did come so all my waiting was in vain. I went over to see Jetty after lunch. We went on a walk on the beach and had a nice long talk. We don’t see each other very often but make up by phoning ever day. We had a lot of lost time to make up for though. She’s doing just fine and has a good place to stay. She always asks about you and sends her love.

Mrs Franks was sure pleased with the pastry forks. They were a bit late arriving but I was glad you got something so nice for her. She deserves it.

Did I tell you we took the clock I gave her for Christmas back and got a lawn chair instead. She also got an extra one so when you come down you’ll have a place to sit out in the sun and get a tan.

I’ve got some more parcels this week, a manicure set from Aunt Nan, a pen from Kumlin’s, gloves from Geordie, lamp from Janet, soap from Donna, nylons, pen, candy and jigsaw puzzle from the Red Cross, china figure from Raymond, wallet from Joan Whittle, and necklace from Lou and Kay Copithorne. Aunt Annie and ? And is on gave mea toilet set.

I can’t think of any news. Mr Adam’s is still in the hospital but will be out sometime next week – that’s about all – I sent him a card.

We’re going to have a steak dinner tonight!! So I must go and get ready – let it never be said we don’t eat well!!

thanks for your letter Marshall, it was very good.

Will try and write you again soon.

Love Marg xxx

PS Sheila sent me another $10!!! Goll-ee

Am enclosing letter I received from Mr Vaughn today

The Shaliman Hotel *Daytona’s most distinctive hotel*


Miss Copithorne

Mrs Goodale tells me your mother and father plan on being here during the month of February and would like to get a small housekeeping apartment or efficiency but if they cannot they would like rates on a twin room with private bath for the month.

Since February is our heavy month and since the auto and motorcycle races consume nearly the entire month the reservations are always completely filled for the month.

It will be next to impossible to get an apartment of any kind unless our folks do so very soon and then the rates for Feb are very high.

We do have a nice corner room on the third floor which is two short flights up. It has twin beds and private bath and we will rent it to your folks for $37.50 per week but that of course would depend on knowing they wanted it waiting say 10 days from now for undoubtedly we will have a great number of requests very soon.

So will you write your folks and send this letter along then they can write back and I presume the room will be available by the time they answer.

Sincerely The Shaliman hotel (Sherrod N. Vaughn)


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