Drinking tea made from rusty water (FGK 247)

This letter is from Auntie Shiela to Grandma and Grandpa. I love that Auntie Sheila got (very appropriately) a little sassy at the end. Made me smile, I miss her.

Thursday November 15th, (I think it’s 1956)


Have you sold the steers yet? I was wondering about it since you’ve had this snow – or did you get it?

Had to work 4-12 last nite but I”m back on days again.

By the way I didn’t go to the dance and anyway the ones that did said it wasn’t any good. We had a couple of guys in since suffering from acute alcoholism as a result of the dance. I guess they go all out down here.

I’m going to play -or rather try – and play badminton tonite with the English girls and then I’m going over to Anne’s to give her mother a massage. She’s kinda gone into a depression since Mr. Oldfield died and she says the messages I give her help a lot. I’ve been doing it – outside of last nite – every nite since I got here.

Anne and I went to Mossleigh Tues. nite or did I tell you that already? Anyway, in case I didn’t tell you, we went up to see 3 school teachers, I already knew one but we had a gay old time, drinking tea made from rusty water etc.

Everybody down here drinks tea even for breakfast. I have my bottle of “instant max” that I tote over.

We got over those by-ops safely. It took from 9am to 2:30 pm. At the General we’d have both done them in an hour and half.

I was down in Medicine today. Nothing interesting happened.

I was sure impressed by the meals here. The meals are very nice but also we have matching china and silver, shite linen tablecloth, matching linen napkins in napkin rings no less. Miss Sissons sits at the head and pours tea. Quite a change from the General. It was etiquette to keep one foot on the ground there.

Say how about a letter once in a while – arms broken?

Supper time so must go

Love, Sheila


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