Love Letters in the Sand (FGK 248)

Wait… Mom liked pin-up/muscle boys? This is not the woman who raised me!!! Haha. Oh how she mocked me for buying Tiger Beat. I could tell I am not a 16 year old girl because now I am much more interested on the things that were on the back of the clip outs. Lots of them backed onto a comics page and I kinda wish that they’d included all the comics. Remember the weekend comics – the “colour comics” – what a big deal they were!! And then when they started printing them as their own little book!!! Oh I loved that. Anyway, I included some of the backs of the clippings as well.

32 Dix Ave

Ormond, Florida

June 25, 1957

Dear Margaret

By now you have probably gotten my postcard. Marilyn’s baby was born on the 21st. It’s a little girl. She weighs 8lbs 4 oz. I haven’t seen her yet.

I got a letter from Barbara yesterday. It was very nice to hear from her.

It is raining out now.

I am going to the show tomorrow to see “The Wayward Bus”

My newest records are:

Jenny, Jenny – Little Richard

Searchin’- Coasters

Elvis’ new one is really cute. “Love Letters in the Sand” is still number one.

I am sending you some more pin-ups of the Mr. America contest. Boy that Deanne Cates is in everything. I think I am finally getting a little tan. I haven’t been to the beach for a couple of days now.

Well Margaret, I will have to close now, for the mailman is coming. Will write later. Write me soon.

Love to all



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