Babies and appendectomies (FGK 249)

This letter makes me grateful I never became a nurse – having to do parent duty for sick kids was enough for me. How great that she mentions how much she likes this town, especially since she also mentions a certain man who is joining them on an outing – and he became my uncle which I consider a huge blessing – and then she spent the rest of her life in the area. Gosh Auntie Sheila had a lot of character. Also, when I was young and living in Lethbridge for school Auntie Sheila was the only person who regularly wrote me letters. I don’t even think I responded (I should have a talk with teenage me), but I appreciated them so much and they made me feel less lonely. I do think she also wrote to others of us who went away when we were young. Seeing her ask for letters (twice now) makes me realize that she deeply understood the importance of loved ones reaching out and letting you know that you are important to them.

Vulcan Municipal Hospital

19 Nov/56


Just bot back from the store and a couple of little boys about 8 or 9 years old whistled at me – I whistled back and you never saw such a stunned pair. I guess girls don’t do that here.

I’ll be like Margie and start off by answering your questions

Mrs Oldfield appreciated your invitation very much but she feels she should keep pretty close to her DR. She goes to see him quite frequently.

Seven nurses work here and one girl that is a combination of lab tech and X-ray technician – also a nursing aid.

I hope Barry is ok

I don’t want to take piano lessons I just haven’t got it in me.

She’s (Miss Simmons) making next week’s times out tonight so I don’t know when I get off.

No I didn’t go to the Armistice Dance. Anne said it wouldn’t be any good.

Hope Auntie Lottie hasn’t got TB

Yes we have TV but I haven’t’ been in to watch it so I didn’t see Elvis Presley.

Our meals are quite good.

I didn’t have a baby Wednesday nite.

The people down here sure raise big families. They’re all young girls about 24-25 with five or six kids. It seems that the only thing people have wrong with themselves down here are babies and appendectomies.

You know that Aunt of Annes that’s in the hospital, well I gave her an enema today and right in the middle of it she started vomiting all over the place. I tried to soothe her but she said “oh that’s all right nurse I feel much better.” She was saying this between gushes. Cheerful person.

Anyway, when I was re-sterilizing the tables I let it air dry – completely forgot about it – and the table was just a heap of red goo. Guess I”m spoilt. Been used to having things sterilized for me. Anyway rubber sure stinks.

Every time any of the visitors go past the desk someone always leaves us some candy so we’re well stocked up. Nice town this.

Anne and I nearly always go to that restaurant where we were, for a milkshake every nite. Went to a dance at the school at Red Cross (that’s the name of a place eight miles west of here). There was nobody there but old people and their kids so we came back early.

Anne, Bob, Ted Burger, Mrs Oldfield and I are going to the show tonight (Pete Kelly Blues).

Guess I’ll sleep tomorrow although I’m certainly not tired, guess it’s the altitude.

What’s the matter with the rest of the family – can’t they write? Guess I’ll have to send a (I can’t make this word out – listor? butor? Ugh – I feel like I fell flat on her threat lol) up there.

Love Sheila


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