Burn This!!! (FGK-20)

Today’s letter is from Janet who lives in Lethbridge, and as far as I can tell was in the hospital with mom at one time. It seems as though that time was during the King Tut, Pig Latin phase of the ward as the end of the letter appears to be in King Tut. I managed to understand the first little bit, then my eyes got tired. So if there’s anything horribly inappropriate I apologize because it was clearly stated at the bottom of the letter to “burn this”! I figure after almost 70 years we are safe, but I always try to edit out anything that is too personal or inappropriate to share.

Mom would have been almost 14 when she received this letter, so I’ll assume her friend is around the same age.

June 6, 1954

Dear Margie

You’ll have to wait till summer for any real letter from me now. With only seventeen days before departmental I’m pretty much up to my ears in books. Thanks a lot for your letter.

I wrote my grade II theory yesterday afternoon. I was shaking like a leaf when I went in and was still doing so when I came out. by the time music and school exams are over I’ll be a nerves as well as a physical wreck. I went to my music teacher’s after the exam as he had asked me to come an d give him an idea of what I got and then he could estimate the mark. He thinks I got around 84-90% so my knees have stopped shaking at last. My piano exam isn’t far away though so I’ll start biting my fingernails again before long, and keep biting until the end of June if there is anything left to bite. What a life!!

Do you know the girl in this picture (enclosed) <there was no photo in the envelope>? She looked familiar to me and I thought she just might be that Betty gal that came into see you once while I was there, but I don’t remember what she looked like. Anyway, the picture was in the Herald some time ago and I got curious.

Guess that’s all I had to say. It was sure good seeing you that day of days. I was supposed to be coming up tomorrow to get some more exercises, but put it off till later. See you soon

Bushels of Love,


Please excuse this writing I’m in a terrific rush

PS I love you

The following passage will be a good thing for you to decipher in your spare time.

Can you do this puzzle? I can’t understand it myself now!!

Dud o / yum o u / rurie mum bug e run / kuki nun gug / tut u tut’ shush,/ I / Hash a vuv e tut o / pup rur a cash tut i cash e / i tut / sush ! Mum e wow hash e rur e / o rur / I / mum i gug hash tut fuf o rur gug e tut / i tut / tut hash e rur e i sush mum’tut a nun yum o nun e / wow hash o / cash a nun / u nun dud e rur sush tut a nun dud / i tut/ hack e rur e.

NUN A TUT U RUR A LUL, squared YUM!!!!!

Lul o vuv e

Joy’ a nun e tut


I’m as bad as our sisters!!!

I included the last page of the letter so you could see what King Tut looks like written out properly.

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