Living by your moral code

I know I have a big old pair of Mom-goggles when it comes to my kids. It’s hard not to when they’re such great little people, but I do try to see them as regular human beings with flaws like the rest of us ( they just fewer of them lol).

Actually, although I know I approach situations with the “mom-goggles” I do try and keep a balanced view of who they really are when they’re out there on society. I really do try to see them “as is”, warts and all.

But, I still hope that they’re going to be out there in the world treating people with kindness, love and respect. That they treat their neighbours as they would themselves and with that that they treat themselves with gentle, loving kindness.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Jacob live by his moral code. We were on a band field trip to Kings Dominion and I was the chaperone of his group which included 4 boys. They wanted to go play one of the games – the one where you have to sink a basket to win a basketball. I had told Jacob he could play one game and one game only. So we payed the hugely overinflated price of 5$ for two throws and off he went. He hit the rim both times but it failed to go in. Then he stood and watched the man next to him shoot. One of those balls hit the backboard and bounced right into Jacobs hands.

Jacob stood there for a couple of seconds and then a huge grin appeared on his face. He started doing pretend shots and one of his friends was egging him on to throw the ball.

I’m so glad I was standing a little off to the side and managed to retrain myself not to get involved because what happened next made me so proud.

He tried to hand he ball back to the guy running the game (who had very limited English). This guy thought it was Jacobs ball and was motioning for him to throw. Jacob tried again to hand it back and he guy again motioned to throw it. I saw Jacob hesitate, deciding what to do, and then turned and tried again to give it back saying it had just bounced to him and wasn’t his ball. The guy still didn’t understand and I came over and said “this was the other man’s ball and just bounced over here. He’s trying to do the right thing and give it back to you”. The man smiled and took the ball back.

It was something small, but he really wanted to win a ball and I was so incredibly proud that he chose to live by his moral code and do the right thing instead of giving into temptation.

Excellent moment


One thought on “Living by your moral code

  1. mjcr10 says:

    I guess ! I would be proud too. Well done, Jacob, and well done Mom! Obviously you have done a good job and it’s nice to be on the spot to actually see that happen.

    Love, Mom

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