Grad photos

My baby had his grad photos taken today. They were allowed to bring a prop and he chose a branding iron.

At first I thought hmm interesting choice but then I realized it’s a visual representation of how important it is for him to be home.

The iron represents the ranch and our home. The house holds all our memories past, present , and future. The land also is full of memories.

But what they both represent is our family, our tribe. And the love that surrounds us all because of that.

There’s a lot of grounding and security in knowing you’ve got roots and people who love you close by.

So, it was one “small” item (a branding iron isn’t exactly small), but it really did represent for him how important home and his tribe are.

We are very blessed.


Curling fun

It was a curling day with our 4h club today. My kids have only curled one other time and it was at the same event last year. They’re total novices, but they love it. And it was fun since the other teams weren’t really experienced either.

Competition is fun, but sometimes just going out and having a good time is even better (with some made up competition included)

Everyone was full of smiles as we left the rink


Star Wars monopoly

We went through our board games and found one that we (somehow) haven’t played yet. In a family as Star Wars-y as we are I don’t know how we missed Star Wars monopoly but we had.

I went broke first, as I always seem to in monopoly. I got into a bidding war and lost horribly – but I made my point so maybe it was worth it?

Unplugged family moments are important.


Little Purdy’s chocolates

We had to brave the mall today to grab a couple of things. The girl took off to do some window shopping on her own while we grabbed our items. When she met up with us after, she pulled a small bag out of her picked and placed it in my hand and said this is for you.

She’d gone to Purdy’s and bought me a few of my favorite chocolates.

That is love.


Back in the saddle

I had a riding lesson today. I’ve been having big breakthroughs, and massive meltdowns as I’ve been going along – last time was a bit of both and today was mostly breakthrough.

I finally told my instructor why I quit riding more than 20 years ago and how some of those fears (or all of those fears) were still there. She changed how we were doing things to enable me to feel more confident and secure, and therefore better able to communicate with my horse.

At the end of the lesson she got very emotional with me and said she knew how hard it was to get back on when I had been scared so badly (both in the past and more recently) and how most people would just give up riding forever.

I said how horses have always been my greatest healer and that we were not just healing my riding fears, but clearing so many of my life blocks as well.

I feel so grateful that I’ve got this instructor who gets me and understands how I need to be both pushed and held to feel safe.

It’s healing every part of my life.


Grandma got run over by a reindeer – valentine day

The kids favorite Christmas movie has always been Grandma got run over by a reindeer. It’s about the cheesiest movie around, but we’ve always loved it and haven’t found it on tv for the last few years. Like 7 or 8 years.

But we’d talk about not only how we used to watch it at Christmas, but the one year that we did Christmas in July and watched it then.

Last November I found it on amazon and ordered it with the expected delivery date of December 15.

Well, it finally showed up in the mail today so it was our valentine’s special.

It was a hoot to hear the kids laugh at memories, and to see that they love it as much now as teens as they did when they were in diapers.