That’s a lot of bull

The kids and I went to the Cochrane Fair tonight to watch the youth rodeo. I love that kind of thing, especially the little kids. Goat tying, steer riding, pole bending, and a few other events. I’m holding out for mutton busting though. 

As we were waking through the grounds the kids saw the mechanical bull and grabbed the opportunity to give it a ride



They had so much fun and it’s awesome that they’re experiencing more and more of their Alberta heritage. They both felt pretty pleased with their rides, and tough as I talk I’m not sure I could have done any better. I have that broken shoulder to prove that. 

It was a really fun evening at the fair – laughing and creating memories. That’s happiness. 


A rainbow on a cloudy day

I broke down yesterday and got some pain medication for my shoulder. For the last couple of weeks I’ve used my oils and that’s about it. Unfortunately the pain level was staying pretty high and it was time to do something about it. 

They gave me something less intense than Percocet but with more punch than Tylenol. It seemed perfect. Except my body hated it. I was up all night having a reaction to then meds so this morning there was yet another trip to urgent care. It seems things are sorted out now and I have some different meds to try (ugh). 

We came home, I had a nap, and was trying to figure out how I was  going to feed us when my guardian food angel appeared. A neighbor and friend from church has supplied us with two huge meals already (and some awesome cookies and banana bread). She announced that she had made a meal, was heating it up, and would bring it over shortly. 

Talk about a rainbow on a cloudy day. 

She brought over the best Shephard’s Pie I’ve ever had, garden carrots, and garden beets. With every bite I heard things like “ohhhh potatoes, mmmmm taste the carrots” come from the kids. 

It is so incredibly kind and I am so completely humbled by how we have been looked after. That is happiness. 


Donair Poutine 

I picked my boy up from work and we had to go try Donair Poutine at Donair On The Run – it’s their new special. And who knew it would be so good!?! That place is addictive. It’s so awesome that we have found a place we love, that serves good food, and is pretty darn cheap. 

Cooking these days is pretty much impossible, and we have been so lucky to have people drop off food, but we have also snuck in the odd meal here. 

One thing about this broken shoulder is it’s really forced me to have quiet time. And with that has come a lot of quiet time with my boy. And I love that. It’s happiness. 


Girls’ night and a guy 

The boy joined me this evening for an impromptu girls’ night supper at the donair shop. I’d like to think he came because he loves me, but he came for the donairs. And at 7$ how can you go wrong?

Interestingly though, he really enjoyed himself. He laughed at the silly stories right along with us, and jumped in with a few of his own. 

As we were walking back to the car he said now I get why these girls’ nights are so important to you. They’re hilarious. 

I am so grateful for my girlfriends. I don’t know how I’d get through without them. 

That is happiness. 


At the pool

The kids tried out the new pool at Spray Lakes this afternoon. We have been waiting for this to open for a long time 

I think it’s going to become a well used place for us. And I’m hoping to spend a lot of time in the pool this winter as I rehab. 

Another one of those things that makes me glad we are home. Happiness 


That’s gratitude 

Today I took a good look at the helmet I was wearing when I fell off my horse earlier this week. 

I had been amazed at how thoroughly I had shattered my shoulder yet not damaged any other part of my body – especially my head which had landed inches away from that shoulder. 

My helmet has a huge crack in it. I broke it when I fell. If I hadn’t been wearing my helmet, I would have shattered my head. 

It’s the same feeling I had years ago when I was in a bad accident and knew I only survived because I had my seatbelt on. 

I am alive because I had on my helmet. I’ve always complained about wearing one, but swore to myself I’d do it every time when I got my new horse. And I have – every single time. 

What if I hadn’t? 

It’s a different kind of happiness than what I usually write about – but it’s happiness in a very pure form. I love this life and I’m grateful for it. 

This was a pre fall photo 


All in a day’s work 

I got to see my boy at his job today. This work has been such a great thing for him / he’s learning responsibility, but also has gained a whole new social network, and has developed a new confidence which has been awesome to watch evolve. 

I’m so proud of both my kids. They are such kind, caring, awesome human beings. They are the brightest stars in my sky – and seeing them happy makes me happy.