Old friends, old times

Today at lunch I caught up with an old friend from high school. I can’t believe that next year it will be 30 years since we graduated – or that our kids are the same ages or older than we were when we met. Unbelievable

We had a great time reliving old stories and catching up on where each other was in our lives. So much has changed, and yet we are still the same people we were all those years ago.

Old friends -that’s happiness.


Through the haze 

It’s been super smoky here with all the fires from BC blowing our way. It cleared a bit tonight and I took Drishti and Dottie out for a walk. 

The sun was a brilliant red through the haze – beauty in the smoke. 

We managed to get really close to the heron tonight. As I was trying to take a photo while I was only a few feet away I kept thinking Dad would really like this 

Dad and I used to email back and forth photos of our local herons when I lived in Virginia. It was a way of making me feel close to home, so this heron holds a special place in my heart. 

My bond with my horse is getting stronger all the time. We are trusting each other and relaxing into comfort together finally. He is a true miracle in my life and I’m grateful every minute for him. 

We stood by the heron and had a few minutes of quiet while I thought of dad. It’s sadness but it’s happiness too. 


Stampede 2017

The kids and I did the rides at the stampede grounds today. Well, to be honest the kids did the rides and I people watched. I have never been a huge fan of the rides. Love those little donuts, don’t need the rides   

But the kids loved it, and I love seeing them happy. We didn’t do the rides last year because it rained all of stampede week so it was really cool to see how those two years have made the kids excellent ride partners. They are so gutsy it amazes me. 

Quality family time. These moments are precious. The boy is 16 – time is flying by. I’m honoured they want to spend so much time with me.  Happiness ❤️

(The donuts were the best part in my opinion) 


It stays the same 

We went to a silent auction for handicapped riding tonight at the Ranchmans. 

I was given tickets from a lady I used to ride with ages ago. It was fun to see that even though a lifetime has passed, all the horse stuff is the same. I am loving getting reconnected with these people. I lost such a huge part of my soul when I quit riding. I’m getting back the pieces slowly but surely. And that is happiness 


Long lost family 

We are having a visit from my cousins ex wife and their daughter right now. I haven’t seen either of them in 20 years, the little baby girl I met is a grown woman, and my cousin in law is just about exactly as I remember. I am really enjoying visiting with both of them. 

We did a little tour of the ranch including a stop in jail. 

This is one of my favourite places, it’s so beautiful and peaceful there. And to share it with them was so much fun. Happiness!!!


Canada’s 150th

We spent the day celebrating Canada’s birthday. 

First Canmore for the parade – this has become a really great family tradition 

Then to my Aunt’s house for their annual Canada party. This is one of those sacred family visiting times. 

After going home for a quick nap then it was off for the last family party 

The boy stopped me and said how much he appreciated having all this family around and how great it was to have so many things to do. 

And he’s right on. How lucky are we. What happiness. 


It has begun 

Summer that is. We had our first trip to the creek this afternoon. Nothing says summer like watching kids run into the freezing mountain water. This is one of my favourite activities and we were in one of our favourite spots. 

It’s just happiness in its simplest form – it comes right from the depths of my soul. I am so thankful I am mom to these kids and that we get to do so many things together.