4H weigh day

It was weigh day at our 4H club this morning. I love our club – it’s small but the families are awesome and I’m grateful to be part of it

We finished off the day seeing the Grinch movie. I love the story – love can conquer all. It really is the most important thing in the world. We choose either fear or love every second of every day.

Fear still gets in there a lot, but love is winning. I can feel it.


Montana’s and laughs

We went for a family supper to the new Montana’s in Cochrane. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a meal as much as I did this one.

Our server was amazing. He was funny, good at his job, personable, and made sure our whole evening was full of laughs and good food. John was his name – if you go ask to be seated in his section.

There was also a balloon and magic man who kept kids all the way from my 17 year old to the toddlers at the next table entertained with his shows.

We spent 2 hours there – not because the service was slow, but because we were enjoying ourselves so much. This is how a meal our should be. Laughter, conversation, and good food. I’m feeling very blessed.


Open the door

I had a meltdown with a friend today about how I never seem to get the messages God sends me. I ask and ask and I know an answer is being provided, but I miss it or misinterpret it, or possibly ignore it completely. I was wishing the messages could be delivered directly and without confusion.

I had a riding lesson this evening, I was to ride a school horse so that I can work on my own riding and get my confidence back, and not worry about what the horse is doing. Since it was my first school horse lesson I got there a bit early because I had no idea what to do, where to go, or what horse I would be riding.

I was sitting in the aisle texting the same friend my lesson is late, am I here on the right day? What if she forgot me? What if someone else has a lesson instead, should I just go home? How long do I wait? 

Then a lady came out of the arena and walked up to me and said Are you Melissa? and I said yes. She told me I was wanted in the arena.

So, the instructor and the horse were waiting in the arena for me. Literally all I had to do was open the door and what I was looking for was right there.

How many times has this happened in my life? I said to my friend -that’s my life in a nutshell right now. What I want is right there, I just miss the message and forget to open the damn door.

The lesson was awesome by the way. I left feeling so much happier in my soul.


Family day in the mountains

We had a meeting of the kids today in Canmore. There’s never a for sure good time to do that – but the time was right and the day was perfect.

On the way home the kids expressed what an amazing family day it was. We certainly are our own complete family unit, but there is room for more love and for our family to expand as well. I’m feeling very grateful.