They’re back

I first noticed the swans on Wednesday, but today when we were driving home there were several pairs swimming on the slough. The swans showing up seems to be a real signal that the season is changing. The weather is cold and they’re heading for a more decent climate to spend the winter.

I’ve always loved watching the swans as they rest here before they continue their journey. We used to go out as kids and watch them, dad used to take awesome photos of them, and this year I (finally) got to go out and ride among them. They’re beautiful creatures and they seem to carry a sort of peace with them (when they’re not threatening to attack because you got too close!)

This is a photo Dad took a couple of years before he died. I’ve been missing him lately and when I see the swans it makes me feel closer to him again. I love the swans, they are a source of happiness.



Laughing at the table 

We had a group of family over for our thanksgiving meal today. There were about 20 of us which was perfect. 

It was so good to sit at that table and laugh and share food – they are a special bunch, our tribe. 

With all our blessings, there is a lot to be thankful for. This tribe, our family, they are the top of the list. Having a place to dig our roots into is priceless. And it’s happiness. 


Happy birthday mom

We celebrated my mom’s birthday tonight with a family supper. It always feels so good to have a bunch of people we love sit around that table and laugh and share stories just like we have for generations in that space. It’s sacred stuff this tribe. It’s happiness 

I’m so grateful for my mom. She’s taught me so much, has loved me unconditionally, and has been a good friend as well. 


The 100 foot diet

We had roast and potatoes for supper that came to us from the ranch and the garden. Talk about eating local. And eating well. I was grateful that the kids had dug the potatoes out of the garden last week. I missed being able to play in my garden this summer, but at least we will enjoy some of it’s produce.

It was a  peaceful and much appreciated meal, everyone relaxed a little as we get ready to settle into a long weekend.

Happiness is usually found in little moments like this.



My kids have joined the local 4H club and the first meeting of the year was tonight. As a Pony Club kid I never did 4H and was very happy with that, but I sure see the benefits my cousins received from the club 

We came in as new people and knew that one cousin would be here, but it turns out we are related to almost half the club. 

For kids who grew up always just known as the Canadians, and without any real ties or roots where they were living – this is huge. The longer that we are here the more they understand this is home. This is a place where they are loved, and where they belong. 

I’m excited about this new venture. I think it will open many doors for these kids. Happiness 


Back in the saddle 

September 20 I saw my doctor at the cast clinic and he told me that my bone had healed well, but was concerned because I had very little mobility still in my arm. 

As I left his office I realized two things. One was that I better get my arm moving and two that maybe I didn’t have to wait until spring to ride again. 

I set a goal to be on my horse by September 30. It was a laughable goal because I couldn’t move my arm barely at all and the pain was still keeping me up at night. 

So here we are 10 days later. I’m still up at night more than I’d like, but I’ve increased mobility a lot. And so, this happened this afternoon:

I managed to tack him up myself which was no small feat. Then I lunged the hell out of him 

And when he was finally tired I grabbed my mounting block and went to get on. 

As I stood there on the block  I got super nervous as I realized how totally vulnerable I was with only one dependable arm. 

I called the girl and forced her to come hold him – which she did. 

And I sat on his back. Didn’t even walk around, just sat there for a few minutes feeling the fear, feeling the calm. Both were there. It’s what I love most,  but I have to say I’m a little scared after my last unplanned dismount. 

But mostly I was just happy. Happy I was back on, happy am facing things that scare me, happy I have Drishti 

It was a good moment.