End of summer hurrah

We finished off summer doing one of my favorite traditions – one I’ve done since I was a kid. We went to the Cochrane parade and rodeo.

Of course my favorite is always mutton busting, but it was all fun to watch – with the one exception of the poor cowboy and horse who went down in the bucking competition. They did both get up and run out of the ring, so I’m assuming they’re ok. The footing was very muddy, and it sure took a lot of care and skill to preform today.

Tomorrow we all start new chapters in our lives. Everyone is stressed, excited, happy, fearful… it’s a technicolor of emotion in our house. But when I look at where we all were last summer, we have come so far.



We went to a soft opening for the restaurant the boy is working at. It’s been fun listening to the process as they’ve prepared to open, more fun seeing how excited he’s getting about learning to be a chef.

The meal was awesome, but the dessert was divine. I’m not much of a Nutella fan usually, but these little donuts of goodness may be converting me.


Mutton bustin’ and trick riding

We went to the fair in town today – it was a beautiful summer day and I was so happy to have a forced family fun day – everyone gets so busy.

My girl fell in love with the trick riders

And who wouldn’t. It’s amazing to watch these girls hang all over their horses. The ultimate in trust.

I of course love the mutton busting. Those little kids are so darn cute

I realized today how great it is that I’m back doing this daily, tracking my gratitude has made me grateful for even more things.



It was a girl day at the creek, well girls and horseflies. We are loving the summer weather and so grateful for the time to enjoy it.

Being by the creek is one of my soul happy places, I can feel myself relax and regain balance just by sitting beside it.

The horseflies made it a bit of a challenge, although they seemed more intent on biting the girls. I’d hear a scream horsefly then see them dive underwater.

Summer is magical


How it is

I was driving with the girl today and we were talking about a cousin of mine and his family. I said how I thought he and his wife are such great parents, how they’ve worked really hard at creating their family.

I said you’d be lucky to have parents like them, I think they’re really great people.

And the girl said I love them, I love to visit them. But I really like how our family is. I like that you’re our only parent. I feel like I’m lucky to be in this family.

And I stopped and breathed.

So often I feel badly for the kids, I see the lack, I think of my dad and want that kind of parent for them. But she didn’t see a lack at all. She loves our family as it is. And you know what? I do too.

We finished off the day at the creek. The best part of summer. And filled with memories of my dad, so it was like he was there too.