How much is that puddy-cat in the window

The girl was reunited with her precious cat when we returned home. All the animals were happy to see us, but little Abu has a special relationship with my girl. She calls Abu her therapy animal, and I think they share an incredibly special bond. The two have been inseparable ever since.

This morning when I returned home from the school drop off I saw the saddest little face in our window

Little Abu staring outside looking for her girl.

Love is precious – it is the only thing that is real.


Faith in humanity

We are sitting on our plane in Calgary having arrived safely from Victoria. On the way here a woman had a medical emergency – I’m not exactly sure what is going on

As we taxied in, the pilot asked us to remain seated so they could deal with the emergency safely.

The plane is full. Every single person sat in silence while they arranged for paramedics for this woman. They started to allow people off the plane who were in rows ahead of her, and again in silence people grabbed their belongings and departed.

The rest of us are quietly sitting here waiting for her to be assisted and taken to hospital.

We all get in a rush – to go somewhere, to go home, to get a connecting flight – or just get self absorbed sometimes.

I’m so inspired by the flight attentants and the other passengers who all have remembered that the health and safety of all of us is the most important thing at the end of the day.

Prayers for this woman. I hope she’s ok.


She’s in love with the boy

Trisha Yearwood has made a reappearance on our driving playlist. This is one of my favorite songs, it’s stood the test of time for 28 years (I had to look that up, how can it be so long ago?)

I think of who I was when that song when came out and who I am now. 20 year old me never would have imagined driving the same road, listening to the same song, but with a car full of teenagers singing along – and the teenagers weren’t my friends, but my kids.

The more things change the more they stay the same


Springtime in town

I have been scouring the ranch for crocuses. They seem to get harder and harder to find each year. My childhood riding instructor informed me that there were some growing in town – so today the girl and I went hunting.

We weren’t disappointed. These are one of my favorite flowers, and it’s a sure sign of spring.

It also reminds me of hours spent in the field looking for flowers with my dad. I sure miss him.


Spring dance

I’m actually went out tonight – something that doesn’t happen very often these days. There was a spring dance in town and I went with a group of friends – some new, some old.

I’m now happily home in pjs while the die hards will dance well into the night, but I sure enjoyed the time i did spend out

While I was there I got a text from the girl describing how she’d spent the evening with her uncle watching him pull a calf, and save not only it’s life but that if it’s mom. The way she described what her uncle did, it was easy to tell he’d been somewhat of a hero in her eyes tonight. That’s how it should be.

This was from earlier in the day


Soccer in the snow

Today the boy has his first soccer game of the season. In true Alberta form it has snowed all afternoon. And not just little flakes- huge, gigantic ones. It won’t last, but it sure was something to see it come down

Those boys were cold on the field, but it was easy to see how much they enjoy playing.

It does look rather like winter again though.


Early morning quiet

As it’s getting lighter earlier I’m finding I’m waking up earlier again. I’ve been using the time to do some quiet meditation and reading. It feels like it’s healing balance and ground me better for the day.

On thé way home from my school drop off I had to stop by the slough and enjoy the quiet of the swans for a couple of minutes. There is peace in the silence