Pages and ponies 

I did some of my coursework today. I’m learning so much and really enjoying it even though it’s going slower than I had wanted thanks to my shoulder. But slow steps forward are better than none at all. 

I saw my boy this evening and did some quiet   groundwork with him. I’m trying to look at this time as an opportunity to bond and do some schooling on the ground. I wish I was riding – but we don’t always get what we wish for. 

I feel like the last few years have constantly taught me to look for sunshine on cloudy days. 

He’s my sunshine. And a constant source of happiness. 


Baptism ranch style 

The church held their annual baptisms in the creek at the ranch today. It was at my favourite place on earth and it was fun to see people come to God in what for me has always been a holy place. 

It amazed me how much the water had dropped since the last time I was there. The dam the kids were building a month ago had been totally under water then. Not so much now. It sure has been dry. 

No matter what it’s like,  it’s always my happy place there. 


That’s a lot of bull

The kids and I went to the Cochrane Fair tonight to watch the youth rodeo. I love that kind of thing, especially the little kids. Goat tying, steer riding, pole bending, and a few other events. I’m holding out for mutton busting though. 

As we were waking through the grounds the kids saw the mechanical bull and grabbed the opportunity to give it a ride



They had so much fun and it’s awesome that they’re experiencing more and more of their Alberta heritage. They both felt pretty pleased with their rides, and tough as I talk I’m not sure I could have done any better. I have that broken shoulder to prove that. 

It was a really fun evening at the fair – laughing and creating memories. That’s happiness. 


Girl day 

My girl and I spent a much needed afternoon together. That one on one time is precious and I don’t feel like it happens enough. I know she’s a young lady because I see her all the time,  but when we are alone together like this I am reminded of the depth and beauty of her spirit. She is a wonderful soul. Happiness. 


She’s growing up 

We had a family sush supper tonight for my niece who turned 15. I am aware it makes me old, but I can’t believe how fast these kids are growing up. 

But they are all amazing humans and I am honoured to share my life with them. 

It was a fun supper. And I sat beside my uncle and got to have a little catch up which doesn’t happen often enough. 

This tribe – its happiness 


My boys 

My day started and ended with special time spent with my boys. 

My human boy took me to the farmer’s market so I could fill up on fruit and so he could fill up on waffles. 

I miss having a teenage digestive system. 

The evening I spent with my equine boy. We are working on bonding which sometimes feels like just me spoiling him. But in reality I’ve only had him for four months and we’re still getting to know each other. The more I get to know him the more I love him. 

I’ve been kind of wore out the last few days for keeping focussed on the things that are important really helps me keep going. 

And these two boys – they are happiness. 


Share a meal

Over the last two weeks almost every single day a meal has been provided for us my friends, family, or neighbours. It is so humbling and I feel so incredibly blessed. 

This morning I went over to my moms place and the lady who helps look after her was cooking some food for my mom’s return. I told her what an incredible gift it was to have all of this food ready and organized. I said until the last couple of weeks I hadn’t realized what a big difference it made when you were overwhelmed or injured or unwell, having your meals ready.  It’s just one less stress and one less thing to do – it’s a huge gift. 

It’s a good reminder to always pay it forward when you can. And it was a moment of happiness.