Riding Home in the Moonlight (FGK-52)

I’m not sure who this is, maybe it’s a friend of my aunt? This letter again is a reminder that my social life is totally lacking. Not that I’ll do anything about it, it’s just a reminder.

I’d love to have a beautiful ride home in the moonlight. I’m pretty sure every horse I’ve ever owned besides maybe one or two was too spooky to be pleasant for a ride like that, but the idea sounds fantastic.

I deleted the name of the poor annoying little cousin. I’m sure she outgrew that phase of life – there’s a big difference between older teens and kids. I used to babysit a lot when I was a teen and into my early 20s and I always said it was the best form of birth control because I saw how much little kids needed 24/7 and I knew that I needed to wait until I was totally certain I had the desire to give up so much of myself. That said, I was still totally unprepared for most of parenting.

310-14th st. NW

Calgary, Alberta

Nov 10 1952

Dear Margy

Well, how are you getting along? Goodness I haven’t seen Sheila for ages and ages. So I have no idea how you are or anything. Guess you’re fine though eh?

Well goodness! I haven’t written to you in ages. I went home last – the weekend before last weekend. I sure had a wonderful time. My Dad rounded up on Saturday. Garry was home from Montana and he and I decided to ride home (13 miles) in the moonlight. We got home at 1am but it was a really beautiful night and we had fun. My mom was having a fit because we were hungry when we got to our place so we got ourselves a supper. We made so much racket that it was really funny!

On Sunday Mom and Dad and I went to church in Milo. They’ve been using the church for a school and it is certainly a mess! When we came out all the little boys in town were out picking up beer bottles in front of the church (there was a dance there Friday night). What a place.

They’ve got the most beautiful school in Milo. It’s not quite finished but it’s really a beautiful place. It’s nearly all windows. Gosh! I wish I was 10 years younger. I’d sure like to go to school there. Lots of fun!

I have just gone through a set of exams – three last Friday. Goodness! I was worn out. It was really awful. I was so tired when I got home that I wasn’t making sense. I kept forgetting what I was saying. Goodness! What a time!

My cousin _______ (she’s 9) and my aunt are staying here right now. My uncle is in the Holy Cross Hospital recovering from an operation. They’ve been here for about a week. ______ makes so much noise it’s awful! I was trying to study last week and she kept yelling! It really went over big. I could cheerfully have shot her. It was really bad, what a brat!

I went up to the dance on Friday night but it was a flop! No kidding. The orchestra was awful. There was twice as many girls as boys and there weren’t many of either. Leah and I went together. We’d both turned down dates because it’s usually more fun to go alone. Well did we feel smart. If you weren’t with someone you had a rotten time! Ron finally did turn up so I was ok but Lea’s friend never did. It was quite funny – I was so tired I kept falling all over Ron’s feet. So we danced a couple of times after supper and then we came home. I hope he was as bored as I was but he was the one that suggested we leave so I guess it was ok. Goodness! Next time if he asks me again that is I’ll certainly go with him in the first place. Gosh! I sure do the craziest things. Believe me!

Ron and I went to see the show ‘The Quiet Man’ last Wednesday. Everyone told me it was so terribly funny. So we went, but it wasn’t all the funny – at least I didn’t think it was. Neither of us enjoyed it that much.

Leah and I are going tonight. My cousin was supposed to go but my grandparents thought that since I’d had her all day yesterday it was their turn. So they took her. I was sort of relieved but maybe I should have taken her because they have her all the time. But honestly! She’s such a pill! She talks out loud during the show and it’s really quite an ordeal!

Oh well! Guess I should get busy! I really should have a bath but I guess it’s quite cold out so that’s not such a hot idea!

I sure hope you’re feeling better Margy. I’m sorry that I couldn’t write to you before this but I was so busy it was just a terrific rush! I nearly went mad trying to do it all. Gosh! What a time. I had a great big essay to write for today so I really had a pleasant weekend, believe me.

Well gotta fly

So long



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