A History in Photos 21 (FGK 178)

Those of you who knew Grandma knew how she loved to entertain and socialize – the next couple of days are of her doing just that.

Grandpa is in the corner by the china cabinet. Ladies in the front are Sheila Burger, Margaret Buckley, and Grandma.
Sheila, Margaret, Edna
Shirley Copithorne (Richard’s wife), Freida Copithorne (Ken’s wife), Irene Copithorne, Edna Copithorne, not sure about the girl.
Edna Copithorne and Shirley Flummerfelt
Winnie Kumlin pouring tea at Edna Copithorne’s (a brew tea). Those same photos in the background are still hanging.
Grandma’s 80th at the Hall
Betty Robertson, Edna Copithorne, Liz and Bob Shepherd (Edna’s 80th birthday party)
Betty Robertson and Edna Copithorne (Edna’s 80th birthday)

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