Humbled by the love of my child

Today I was blessed to have the opportunity to be truly amazed and humbled by the unconditional and selfless love that Jenna has for me.

She’s not one to hide her feelings and I have always known that she absolutely loves me to bits (and the feeling is completely mutual – trust me). This little baby who was born while we were getting ready to move across the country came into our lives in a time of such stress. My husband was on the road when she was only 6 weeks old and we moved with her when she was only 5 months old. I was so stressed out at the time and with a good douse of postpartum depression to boot it was just an all around difficult first few months.

We came back to Calgary a month after we moved in July 2005 for a family trail ride and I spent the majority of the days by myself with Jenna walking up and down beside the creek jiggling her in her stroller. It was when my post partum left me and I was filled with the most amazing love for this beautiful strong girl.

She has always had my back – no matter what, no questions asked. Anyone makes me upset and they have to deal with the wrath of Jenna. Case in point, we befriended a young man earlier this year who was in need of some friendship. We were friends with him during a difficult time for him when his mom was sick, but soon found out that he was not a person of character, and not someone that was good for us to have around our family. After we broke ties with him we saw him one time downtown. Jenna looked at him and made the biggest scowley face I’ve ever seen. I asked her why she did that and she said “He hurt my mommy, so now I”m mad at him.”

A lighter example of her protective nature is if Jacob and I are fooling around and I say “Jenna, Jacob’s hurting me” she comes at him barrels blazing – nobody hurts my mommy!!!

Today we were at the gas station and when we left the building a car went by. Far away – we were on the sidewalk still and the car was out by the pumps. But when the car went by Jenna threw her arm out in front of me to block me and then moved her body in front of me like she was trying to shield me.

I asked her what she was doing and she said she wasn’t sure that I’d seen the car and she didn’t want me to get hurt by it. I said to her – you know I’m the parent and it’s my job to protect you – not the other way around right? She just said yeah, but I didn’t want you to get hurt and I need to protect you.

I was so completely humbled by the pure and intense love this little person has for me. What a true and blessed gift from God. I am so thankful for my little Pussycat!Image


2 thoughts on “Humbled by the love of my child

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  2. mjcr10 says:

    I know this was sent to Dad but I opened it up anyway and read it because I have so much trouble getting my password right on your blog. I loved this Melissa. It is so beautiful and not at all surprising to read about those traits in Jenna. She has loyalty hard-wired into her. You are indeed very blessed.

    Love, Mom

    P.S. Hope it was ok for me to sneakapeek. ______________________ John T. Ramsay, Q.C. Barrister & Solicitor Calgary, Alberta johnramsaylaw@me.com Home office: (403) 932-5598 Mobile: (403) 651-9406 Author : Intellectual Property Management – Best Practices 2011; Ramsay on Technology Transfer, 3rd ed. 2013

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