Happy Happy Whole Foods


Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate we drove to Charlottesville to go to Whole Foods. That’s right, 2+ hours each way just to shop at Whole Foods. Although we did decide to also go out for lunch (Indian – yummy), have gelato (kids only, it was cold!), and stop at Monticello so Jacob could get his favorite root beer.

I have always likened Whole Foods to skipping through a Disney movie complete with birds and animals singing along. Yesterday was no exception. Aside from all the fun, delicious and healthy things you can buy at Whole Foods what really draws me to the store is the “feel”. It’s just a happy place to be. The people who work there are always so upbeat and seem like they really enjoy being at work. Yesterday was no exception.

I spent some time in the cosmetics aisle because I need to change the face cream I’m using. There are tons of choices and I was spending some time checking them all out trying to figure out what I wanted. While the kids were waiting they started looking at the aromatherapy that was at the end of the same aisle I was in. I heard Jacob ask the lady working there for some help/advice and noticed her spending some time with the kids but didn’t really pay attention to what was going on. She later came over to see if I needed any help and when I explained what I was looking for she told me that she has tried lots of different creams from there and showed me the two brands that she prefers. I was holding a 44$ tube in my hand and ended up with a 14$ bottle. As I was reaching for one of the ones she suggested she told me to hang on and ran around the corner. She came back with some hand cream and wrote on it that it was a sample/gift and told me to try it – that I would love it. I thanked her and we carried on our way.

We wandered around a bit more and ended up beside the case of reading glasses. I said that they were the same kind that I had ordered on Amazon that had come broken. He asked what I was going to do about that and I said since I had to pay for shipping to send them back probably nothing. It was just casual conversation and we were moving along when a lady working there popped out from behind where we were standing and said she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but wanted to know what had happened with my glasses. I was kind of embarrassed and explained what had happened (they had been screwed too tight at the manufacturer and had come with a crack on them) but that they were from Amazon and I kind of shrugged. She said “oh no, shopping should always be a pleasant thing. You pick another pair of glasses here and I’ll give them to you.” Then she started going through glasses and holding out ones for me to try on. I found a pair I loved and she wrote on them that they were a gift. I thanked her and said it was actually my birthday and what a nice present. She wished me a happy birthday and we moved on.

After we had paid we were sitting having a bite to eat and some tea/coffee when I realized I’d forgotten to buy olive oil. Jenna and I went back through the store and the first lady (from the face cream) was set up in an aisle handing out salsa and chip samples. Jenna asked her for a sample and as she handed it to Jenna she said to me “you have the best behaved kids I’ve seen in a long time.” It made my heart smile and I said “thank you”. She looked me right in the eye and said “no, thank you“. Which was one of the nicest birthday gifts I could have ever received. It made me so happy and so proud of my kids and the family we work so hard on.

Every shopping experience should be this enjoyable. It was not about the free stuff I was given (although that was so appreciated), but I left that store feeling happy and loved and filled with joy.

Well done Whole Foods!


One thought on “Happy Happy Whole Foods

  1. mjcr10 says:

    I’m so glad whole foods has contined to be its wonderful self ! What a good thing you realized it was just what you needed I agree there is no greater reward than hearing your kids praised😊😍😘 Sent from my iPhone

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