Quack quack. Look at me. 

Today Jenna joined me on her bike while I took Dottie for a walk. Even though I know better I got fooled by the calmness of the protected yard and we were almost blown away waking down the road. 

When we were coming back we saw a big bird flying over the slough. We stopped to figure out if it was a hawk or an eagle. As we were standing there staring at it and having a great discussion about what it was a mallard duck flew right up in front of us. It then got down on our level and very loudly quacked itself in about a 10 foot circle around us. Quack quack. Look at me. Quack quack. Then he flew off leaving us looking at what was very obviously a hawk. 

We giggled at the attention issues the duck had. I’ve never seen a bird so badly need to be noticed. 

As we were getting closer to home Jenna started riding her bike around me yelling quack quack. Look at me mommy. Quack quack. 

The happness moment for the day. 

Later while driving a bald eagle did fly by us and do a nice lazy circle before flying off. 


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