Kick sugarĀ 

I spent part of the day going over menues with the girl today. She is on board with me and we are kicking sugar to the curb for the next month as we make better food choices. 

It’s perfect because it comes right before she and I were going to begin the 90 day wellness transformation that is part of my course. While we usually had pretty whole, healthy food; things got kind of siderailed when we moved back and then things got really bad when I broke myself and couldn’t cook. Well, except for the awesome meals that family and friends brought over. 

So we are inspired to get back to our roots and make better food choices. We both realize they make us feel better – we are happier when we eat pure foods. There is an amazing difference between how we feel on real food vs how we feel on processed crap. 

So we planned, shopped, and cooked. And now meals are planned out full of good choices. That is happiness 


Old time fun at the Hall

We celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Jumping Pound Community Hall today. It’s a building that has held generations of people from this community – we’ve had showers, dances, receptions, parties, birthdays, New Years celebrations, Santa has come to Christmas parties – we have laughed, cried, and loved in this building. It holds lots of good memories for lots of people out here. 

I’m so blessed to be part of this huge tribe. Stuff like this – it’s happiness. 



I don’t think you ever get so old you don’t need your parents. The specific needs may change, but that relationship is (or should be) the first one you ever form with another person and are safe in the knowledge that they love you and would do anything to provide a safe and happy life for you. 

It’s the model my parents gave me as I was growing up. And although I miss my dad every day, I treasure the memories he left me with. I am beyond grateful that we are back home and I get to have a daily relationship with my mom again. We really all need each other – that tribe – to stay strong and to know love. 

I’m so grateful for the love, strength, and support my mom gives me every single day.  It reminds me to turn around and give that same gift to my kids and it all flows round in a circle of love. That is happiness. 


Waterton memoriesĀ 

Waterton has long been one of my favourite places. I first went there on a school trip when I was 9 and it’s had a special place in my heart ever since. 

In recent years it’s become a happy place the kids and I have shared. There is a certain kind of peace we find in those mountains that we can’t find anywhere else. 

So today, as our beautiful haven is on fire, we spent some time with our happy memories of a place we love. It’s a special place for many of my friends as I’ve noticed them putting up some of their favourite Waterton photos. 

Nature will heal itself, it always does. But in the meantime we pray for the people and animals in the way of the fire. And remember all the happy moments we have spent in this magical place. 

It is my happy place. 


First day 2017

We were back at it this morning. For the first time in 6 years the kids are going to the same school again and I am thrilled. The girl was pretty nervous – worried about being the new kid yet again. Her brother was so good about letting her know he’d stick with her until she knew were she was going. 

It ended up she had 2 friends from her old school also transfer and made one new one – so as she said she already has a group to hang out with. 

After school they were both full of smiles and excitement for the year ahead. It al just makes saying goodbye to summer ok – almost. 

I’m so proud of these two turkeys. They are happiness. 


Light at the end of the tunnel

I took my boy out for a special one-on-one end of summer thank you for helping out lunch in Cochrane this afternoon. If you haven’t been to the Fence and Post – go – seriously – the food is amazing. When he took a bite of his dessert (the tart) he made faces I’ve never seen before. When I asked if he was enjoying it he said I feel like I should share this with you, but it’s so good I don’t want to. I have never tasted anything quite this good before and my body is confused by all the happy feelings it has. Much as I enjoyed my cake, obviously next time I’ll have to try the tart.

And a grilled cheese to die for – brie and apple with other yummy things inside. The boy had pastrami. And OMG the corn chowder. My stomach is still thanking me.


And while this could have very well been the happiness moment of the day (and it really, truly is a happiness moment), I had an unexpected one come later on. I was having a serious conversation with the boy about how I was feeling like I had let them down this summer by being hurt, how I had to ask them to do so much more, and how I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things that needed to get done. His response (and this was in the middle of him being mad at me, so it came as a huge heart happy surprise) was this: mom you think you’re a burden to us? You’re our light at the end of the tunnel. You’re what holds us up, you’re the only person we have we can count on. You brought us out of the darkness and have shown us a life full of light. 

Overwhelmed by his words. I always feel like I haven’t done enough, I wish I could remember to see things from his eyes more often. I would be a lot kinder to myself.