Mutton bustin’

We went to the Cochrane Fair today just in time to watch the mutton bustin’

It is by far my favorite rodeo event. I love barrels and poles and several of the other ones, but watching those kids hang on for dear life is the funniest thing to watch

It was still pretty smoky (by that I mean ridiculously so) but we all have a bit of cabin fever and went out anyway. No regrets. We needed the injection of fun.


Mountains returned

The smoke was almost gone this morning and for the first time in want feels like ages we could see the mountains today.

We did a mountain escape after supper and walked around Canmore. It’s always been a place that resets our souls and brings us peace.

As a bonus today I got the best picture of the boy enjoying his stroll around town.

Quality time with the kids. It’s stuff money can’t buy. I love this life.


Birthday Pie

When we moved to Virginia I began a tradition of having a birthday pie for the boy instead of cake. Peaches were in season there by his birthday time and since that’s my favorite – that’s what he got.

We missed the birthday pie this year. Actually the boy has had a few crappy birthdays which I’m trying to make up for.

Today though, we were at the market and someone was selling homemade Saskatoon berry pies. He has a serious Saskatoon berry addiction so I got him his belated birthday pie

It came two months late, but it was worth the wait. It was kind of fun to have an impromptu celebration.


Family bonding

This afternoon Aladdin took a little nap with his adopted kitten Jasmine. Interestingly our only male cat has decided he is in charge of the baby.

It made me think of how strong the bond of unconditional love is and what a family means. Aladdin is close with Abu because they are brother and sister, and have spent their whole lives together. Aladdin and Jasmine have chosen to be close and have formed their own family bond.

Sometimes we are blessed with blood relatives who love us unconditionally, sometimes we have to create those bonds with a family we were not born into.

The kids and I are fortunate in that we were born to this tribe who loves so fiercely. However we also have a family of chosen loved ones as well.

Love doesn’t happen when its convenient for you, it comes with a huge amount of responsibility, it is a rare and beautiful gift that not everyone has an open enough heart to appreciate.

Today we were reminded that it’s important to love each other no matter what, to love our loved ones no matter what, and to remember that if someone you love says you’ve hurt them – the correct response always should be Im sorry, and I love you.


S’mores in the rain

All day long we talked about cooking dinner over our fire pit and finishing with s’mores, so when it was raining at supper time we decided we needed to just do it anyway.

Fortunately it was only sprinkling, because there is something magical about eating over a fire.

It’s these little moments that make up the big memories