More clutter clearing 

We spent a big chunk of the day today clearing more clutter from the house – and so from our lives. Considering it was something I was pretty resistant to, I’m finding the more clutter I clear the happier I am

Not just the physical stuff, but lots of emotional clutter is being cleared as well. Awesome. 
That is happiness 

And a bonus happiness moment was having my sister and family show up for supper. We don’t get to see them often enough and these times are precious. 


Stampede 2017

The kids and I did the rides at the stampede grounds today. Well, to be honest the kids did the rides and I people watched. I have never been a huge fan of the rides. Love those little donuts, don’t need the rides   

But the kids loved it, and I love seeing them happy. We didn’t do the rides last year because it rained all of stampede week so it was really cool to see how those two years have made the kids excellent ride partners. They are so gutsy it amazes me. 

Quality family time. These moments are precious. The boy is 16 – time is flying by. I’m honoured they want to spend so much time with me.  Happiness ❤️

(The donuts were the best part in my opinion) 


Saltwater gospel 

Today was one of those perfect summer days. It was hot, and we had time to go to the creek – which is almost all I need for perfection. Add horse to recipe and it’s complete. 

The girls could spend hours at this spot. We are so lucky that this is something we are able to do. I am grateful every day that I was born into this family, here at this spot. It’s just perfect. 

As we were driving through the field towards home, the girls standing in the car, dancing out the sunroof, the song Saltwater Gospel came on. It was the perfect song to take us home. 

As I began being serious about my spiritual journey a few years ago I realized that he God I was seeking I had always known on the back of a horse at the ranch. This was the place I used to go often when I was young with my pony. We spent hours tootling up and down this creek. And in that time I learned to connect to God. I didn’t know what I was doing – but that was it. 

Bringing back those feelings reminds me of peace and love. And that is happiness. Being with the girls as they laugh and scream – more happiness. 

Life is such a blessing. 


Ding. Dong. Done. 

School is officially over for the year. I went out for DQ with the girl and some of her friends before they went to an end of school party. The boy and I had an Indiana Jones night  – finally full relaxation mode can happen for these kids. They’ve worked hard this year. 

I loved watching the girl laughing with her friends, I adore quiet time with my boy. This is how memories are made – this is happiness. 


It has begun 

Summer that is. We had our first trip to the creek this afternoon. Nothing says summer like watching kids run into the freezing mountain water. This is one of my favourite activities and we were in one of our favourite spots. 

It’s just happiness in its simplest form – it comes right from the depths of my soul. I am so thankful I am mom to these kids and that we get to do so many things together. 


The babies turn 16

When I was pregnant with the boy we joined a birth and baby class at the hospital. It was 8 weeks with half the focus on pregnancy and half on newborns. My kid was considerate and was born at exactly the half way mark. 

For the first year a bunch of us did weekly playgroups which gave us overtired and overwhelmed moms an outing. There was a first birthday party, and a 10 birthday party (which we missed because we were living away). 

Today we had the 16th birthday party for these babies. And all but three showed up which was pretty amazing. 

And a shot of all the siblings 

It was interesting how these kids who have no memory of each other, and us parents who have vague memories, were all able to come together and laugh and visit and share stories 

I consider moments like this to be huge blessings. It’s a special kind of happiness. It comes from good old memories, love for our kids, and sharing of happy times.