Stampede breakfast 2018

We had our community stampede breakfast at the hall this morning. It’s one of my favorite events of the year. I see people there that I often only get to see once a year, it reminds me how lucky we are to be in this community, and I love seeing bonds between families made stronger.

This year not only did I help because I’m a board member, but my kids helped as part of 4H. When they came home they were so light and happy. Finally they are truly feeling like they are part of this community , they have developed deep and comfortable relationships in the last 3 years that hopefully will last them a lifetime – as they have for me.


Awards banquet

Tonight was the awards banquet for the kids’ 4H club. Our club is small enough that each kid gets at least one award, which is awesome considering how much work everyone does over the year.

I was feeling very blessed as we were there tonight. For a few minutes I was overwhelmed with sadness as I looked around at the grandparents and relatives from other members who were there to celebrate. But then I realized that since we are related to half the club, my kids also had family there! I’ve been really missing my parents lately and I think this is how it came out

However, the evening was a huge success and much fun was had by all.


Greek food and laughter

I met my soul sister tonight for a long overdue supper and some laughs. These last few months have exhausted me and I haven’t made time for my friends like I needed to.

But tonight we talked about serious things and laughed about stupid things. It was exactly what I needed.

I’ve got some great people in my tribe đź’–


Schitt’s Creek

We always have a family show we watch together. Right now it’s Schitt’s Creek which is silly and stupid, but also really funny and we can relate to it.

A family who used to have money and suddenly doesn’t? Ummm yeah.

It’s Canadian too which is extra cool. But mostly I just like that it’s a way we gather together and unwind and spend time together.

Family is what it’s all about after all.


Bringing community together

We had our second annual start of summer potluck at the community hall tonight.

I love this community we are part of. The roots are deep and the love is strong. It was so awesome to visit, laugh, eat, play cards, and share time with family and neighbors.

We are fairly unique these days in that we have so many families who have lived together for generations. Having flown solo for so many years in our gypsy era, I appreciate even more the grounding joy of our loved ones.

We are blessed.


… and I’m back

I think I really needed a few days of just being quiet.. no blogging.. not much doing besides what was essential to life.

I needed to reconnect with the Divine, I needed to rebalance myself, I needed to remember that things work so much better when I come from a place of love instead of a place of fear. How he treats me is his Karma, how I react is mine. All I can do is work on how I react to things – really how I act in general.

I get anxiety when what I say and what I do don’t line up with how I feel. I also get anxiety when I don’t feel safe. But I also am learning that a lot of that is based on memories, and I am not going to be defined by those memories.

So, I’m taking a deep breath, dusting myself off yet again, and moving ahead on this path. With one very dark exception I have a very blessed life. I am going to spend more time focused on letting that light shine in instead of letting the dark take over.

Again, it goes back to my desire now for peace over all else. I want a happy life of course, but more than anything I want a peaceful life – that source of joy is eternal.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and those close to me in the last few days. So much love, strength, and power exists here. Not only with those around me, but I’m starting to realize that I have a lot of inner strength too. The strength and courage I see in my kids is almost overwhelming. They are the brightest stars in my sky and I will keep doing whatever it takes to help them heal and learn to shine their own lights into the world.