the jr high thing

I’m so grateful that my years of being a junior high student are way behind me. Watching my girl go through them makes me remember just how brutal that time of life is. But, I listen to her – and even with the struggles and issues that girls bring up at this age, she’s so strong in her soul. She stands up for her friends, she stands up for herself. Not always, but certainly a lot more than I ever did.

She also has a couple of really kick ass friends. They have each other’s backs no matter what is going on. That makes everything else bearable, it all comes down to our tribe.


The mountain of laundry

We attacked the house today – specifically the mountain of laundry, but also the mountain of pet hair (it’s a thing) and the mountain of junk.

Step by step we are getting sorted and organized in this house. It’s been a challenge, moving into a house that has had generations living in it before. There’s lots of stuff, but what makes it slow is the memories. It’s easy to get lost in the memories as we sort through things. Fortunately it’s mostly good memories (mixed with sad missing people emotions) and it’s been fun to share with my kids memories of my grandparents and of their grandparents.

We are so blessed to be here.


Grad photos

My baby had his grad photos taken today. They were allowed to bring a prop and he chose a branding iron.

At first I thought hmm interesting choice but then I realized it’s a visual representation of how important it is for him to be home.

The iron represents the ranch and our home. The house holds all our memories past, present , and future. The land also is full of memories.

But what they both represent is our family, our tribe. And the love that surrounds us all because of that.

There’s a lot of grounding and security in knowing you’ve got roots and people who love you close by.

So, it was one “small” item (a branding iron isn’t exactly small), but it really did represent for him how important home and his tribe are.

We are very blessed.


Twin Lakes

Dad always was telling us stories of his childhood at the cottage at Twin Lakes. His lifelong love of swimming began there, his strong sense of family grew there, and I know that part of his heart always stayed there.

This morning I had a call from my aunt (dad’s sister) that my uncle (dad’s brother) passed away last night. He was the one sibling who stayed in New Liskeard, ran the family law office, and raised his family there.

My heart aches for my cousins. They lost their mom only a couple of months before my mom died. It’s a lot to process at the best of times, but it’s just so close.

One thing I know for sure is that family is filled with love. I have been on the receiving end of it, and I’m so happy to be part of it.

Today I told my kids the stories I remembered dad telling me of his childhood back home and how my uncle loved and looked after his family.

Dad and his siblings 19 years ago at my wedding


Pizza party

My aunt and uncle had us over for a make your own pizza party tonight. Actually, what usually happens is the grandkids are invited over to make pizza and us adults have to stay home and make our own suppers, but this time we were all invited and the kids made us all pizza.

These moments are so fantastic and I’m so grateful that my kids (and me, and my sister and her family) have been included in these nights.

I remember sitting at grandmas table having cinnamon toast and tea, and our kids will remember being at Nona’s and making pizza. They are memories you cherish for a lifetime.

I ate so much I may never be hungry again, but my heart is so full and happy.


Hearing the history

We had a meeting this morning with a few of the men in our community to gather history and information about our community hall. I was fascinated by their stories, and astounded by how accurate their memories are. I couldn’t remember what I did yesterday, but they could remember what happened in 1942 or 1968 at the hall. It was amazing.

It made me feel really happy to hear how much the hall was used in my parents’ and grandparents’ generations. It really was the hub of the community, and I feel like even with the bright lights of the city to tempt us, there are a lot of us who are feeling the pull for that sort of community gathering again.

I am always grateful for the fact that we live in a really unique community that has granted us a strong and supportive tribe, but moments like today really solidify that for me.


Kitten and tea

I had a wonderful surprise visit from my niece today. Usually when she’s around so is my daughter and the girls take off and I never see them. But today I had this girl all to myself (until the boy showed up).

We sat and had tea and visited about life, school, travels, food, and our pets.

Then jasmine the crazy kitten showed herself and the rest of our visit was spent terrorizing our little black ball of terror.

Laughter in the small moments.