Spring Break kick off

The monsters had their last day of school today and now are officially on spring break. Even with a couple of long weekends it really feels like it’s been a long, cold end to winter. But the last few days the sun has been shining and now everyone gets a bit of a chance to recharge. They work really hard at school and it’s a very well deserved break for both of them.


Little Jasmine

Jasmine, our found in the compost bin kitten is now very clearly in her adolescence. She lips off, runs away, and doesn’t want any cuddles anymore.

Today however, as I was sitting having a cup of tea, this happened.

And she cuddled right up, and purred, and was almost a normal cat. There’s something so awesome about when a cat chooses to sit with you.


For you

I was really missing dad this afternoon. The weather is warming up, we are (hopefully) nearing spring. Soon the swans will fill the slough and the calves will be born. Spring was dad’s season.

When I was here, he’d drag me around the fields looking for crocuses, watching the calves, giving gratitude for life. When I was away he’d send me photos of all of those things so that I remembered. So that I remembered gratitude for all that God has gifted us.

I put John Denver on my Spotify because when I hear him, or hear ABBA, I feel dad. And I listened.

A song came up that I don’t recall hearing before – which is amazing because dad played that music continuously when I was a kid.

The song is called For You, and I think it is a beautiful expression of love. This is how we should love and be loved.

I had a moment of gratitude towards both Johns (my dad and Denver) for the reminder of how love is what it’s all about. I hope they’re jamming together in heaven.

For You

John Denver

Just a look in your eyes again

Just to lay in your arms

Just to be the first one always there for you

Just to live in your laughter

Just to sing in your heart

Just to be everyone of your dreams come true

Just to sit by your window

Just to touch in the night

Just to offer a prayer each day for you

Just to long for your kisses

Just to dream of your sighs

Just to know that I’d give my life for you

For you for the rest of my life

For you all the best of my life

For you alone, only for you

Just to wake up each morning

Just to you by my side

Just to know that you’re never really far away

Just a reason for living

Just to say I adore

Just to know that you’re here in my heart to stay

For you for the rest of my life

For you all the best of my life

For you alone, only for you

Just the words of a love song

Just the beat of my heart

Just the pledge of my life, my love, for you


Tea and chats

The girl and I hung out for a couple of hours at the coffee shop while the boy had an after school activity.

When the kids were at different schools I used to get daily one on one time with each kid in town, but we don’t do that much anymore. It was awfully nice to just be able to focus on her and what she wanted to share with me about what is going on in her life.


Family birthday st paddy’s style

We had a family supper celebrating my uncle’s birthday tonight. Lots of good laughter and conversation, ending in a big political conversation with my son and cousin. As someone who avoids political conversations at all costs it amazes me that he’s so interested in it. But he’s figuring out who he is and what his beliefs are and that’s a good thing.

Mostly it was just really nice to spend time with my tribe.


4h and coffee shops

The kids had multi judging with 4H today and when we got there they kicked the parents out. We did the only reasonable thing and spent the next few hours visiting in the local coffee shop.

I forgot how much I like the town of Olds.

I needed the soul nourishment of the visit.

I remembered how grateful I am for our club and my tribe.