Ida and Ollie went to the party too (FGK 254)

“If I wouldn’t eat so much maybe I wouldn’t get sick” these words were soooo relatable. Especially since I’ve spent the last year rebuilding my gut and body after years of cramming my feelings and food down there. Sounds like it was a really nice New Years – she may think she isn’t sharing much news, but I find it fascinating!

Cochrane, Alberta

January 9, 1956

Dear Margie,

Hi kid! I was sure glad to get your nice long letter. I guess I’ll have to give you writing paper more often, eh? I gave your letter to Kay to read on Friday and she forgot to give it back so if you asked any questions, I’ll answer them in my next letter. Ok?

Gosh I’m glad you’re getting along so well Marg. When do you have to see (I forget what you called it) all those doctors? What do they do?

I sure wish I would have known that anyone could visit the hospital on Christmas Day. I could have gone in to see you I think. We didn’t go anywhere.

Sounds like you got less sleep than I did New Year’s Eve. I went to Jumping Pound with Scotts. After the party at the hall, Mr and Mrs Scott went to a house party, and Max and Heather and David and I went over to Ollie Edge’s. Gail and Myrna and Bob and us four were the only ones there because Ida and Ollie went to the party too. We really had fun. We danced , listened to the radio, and ate until 4:00 o’clock! After that, we went to Rowan’s to get Mr and Mrs Scott, and then we went home. I got in the house at quarter to five! So we really celebrated. I didn’t have to get up at six o’clock though. I didn’t get up until ten. I wouldn’t have gotten up then but we were having company for dinner and I had to help.

Gosh, are the teachers ever piling on the homework now. One night, I had four hours of it. I guess they really mean business.

We’re going to record our cantata on Friday. It’ll be kind of nice to have. I really like it because it has so many carols in it.

The choir is thinking of doing Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “HMS Pinafore”. It’s really hard but it’ll really be fun. I sure hope we do it. It would take about a year to learn so you can imagine. It takes two hours to sing.

Guess what? I think I’m going to cut my hair. I don’t see David until the end of April and by that time it’ll be long again. The split ends are getting so bad that I just have to do something to it.

Gosh, there just isn’t any news around here. Oh – there was a hockey “round robin” yesterday with Bowness, Springbank, Morley, and Cochrane. Morley won. I didn’t see very much of it because I had too much homework to do.

Mum made me stay home from school today because I’m sick to my stomach. If I wouldn’t eat so much maybe I wouldn’t get sick. Oh well.

I guess I better finish this so Dad can mail it.

Be good

Lots of Love, Donna xxxooo


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