Keep my Tootsies Warm (FGK 253)

Cochrane, Alberta

November 25, 1953

Dear Margie

Hi! Gosh was I ever surprised to hear that you had gone to the hospital. Sis told me that you had been phoning and I was going to phone you but she said you were going to phone back (that was kind of long and drawn out wasn’t it?) Well, anyway.

Honestly, Margie, you’re going to get some awful silly letters from me. I can write pages about nothing. I’ll write “heaps” of them as you say, so don’t worry I’ll just tell David my letter writing time will be divided equally between you two. I’m mad at him. I finally get a little short letter from him on Tuesday but I haven’t got one since. No, I’m not really mad at him because he really has been busy. You know those two fraternities that were rushing him? Well he got “bid” in 100% to both of them (Gosh don’t think my buttons didn’t pop!). He joined the Phi Delta Theta Frat so he’s a ‘big guy’ now.

Mum is working in Andison’s store for about six weeks because June Morris, the regular clerk, has gone to Kelowna to lean the business of Andison’s store there. They’re going to move it to Cochrane or something. Well, anyway I’ve got the job of making supper for “my family” every night (they’re going to get spaghetti quite often). Nothing like learning when you’re young eh?

Oh, do you know what? I made the cheerleading team. Was I ever surprised because there were a lot of really good kids. I’m pretty proud of myself anyways. Heather made it too.

I think I’m going to work on the year book this year too. I don’t know what the set up is yet though. I think Heather is too, and Lawrence Copithorne, too.

Do you know what else? I got a brand new pair of flight boots to keep my ‘tootsies’ warm. They’ve got squirrel lining in them. Gosh!

Gosh, Margie, if you think of anything I could give David for Christmas for heaven’s sake let me know. I’m wracking my poor feeble little brain to death. Mum and Dad thought it would be a good idea for our family and his family to get together and get him a portable record player. That would be a good idea because then I could give him that record “Dream on my Love, Dream on”. Let me know what you think about it because I just don’t know. It’s an awful problem. If he was a girl it would be so much easier (ha ha).

I might be going to the dance at JP tonight although I’m not to fussy about it.

Well I just had super and I also found out I”m not going to the dance because it’s snowing and Mum’s afraid it’ll turn into a blizzard. They’re having the macasin (? Maybe moccasin? ) dance tomorrow night so I”ll be able to go to that.

Well, seeing that I have such a weak brain I can’t think of anything else. I think I”ll go to bed now and catch up on some sleep. Honestly I’m about beat.

Bye for now. If I get up early enough I’ll write more before I mail this.

Didn’t get up early enough, will write more later.

Love Donna (DesJardins – from the return address)

PSS write soon!!!


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