Big Grey Cup Game Tomorrow(FGK 252)

I don’t know who Kay is, but she seems to be somehow connected to Jumping Pound – at least enough to want to go to a dance. Although, the dances here used to be legendary so who knows. Anyone know these people?

Nov 25th, 1955

116 Poplar Road

Calgary, Alberta

Dear Marg,

Well, was I ever surprised when I heard you were in the hospital. I bet you couldn’t remember where you were at first. It would sure seem funny after being away so long. Are there still a lot of kids you know in there?

Well, school is still dragging on. Gee, is French ever hard. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. Don’t take it next year unless you know you’re going to have a real good teacher. That’s one reason I find it so hard. I think, because Donna and Elaine find it fairly easy, they have a good teacher.

Let’s get off such a boring subject. There’s a big dance at Jumping Pound tonight. Wish I could have gone but Dad wouldn’t let me go because it was too cold. I was going to go out with Delores and Maureen Bowlen. All the kids were going to go.

Big Grey Cup game tomorrow eh? I’ll bet you’ll really enjoy it. You’d better be careful how you bet or you’ll lose all your bobby-pins. Have you got a bet on with Claudine for it yet? How did you and Claudia turn out in all your bets on the season’s games. Last time I heard you were handing a dollar over.

Well, I guess this is all for now. It’s time I went to bed. Will write more tomorrow.

Wake up!!! (It’s after ten). Mum and Dad have gone over to Safeway’s now and when they come home they are going downtown. I’m going to begin looking around for Christmas presents. What a job!!

Elaine, Rose and I went to the show “Lucy Gallant”. Was it ever good!! It was a story of a girl who loved clothes, and she came to a small little town and opened up a big fashion store, and then she fell in love with a rancher there and had to pick between him and her store. Of course in the end she picked him!!

We’e got our phone now. Our number is 494949. If you’re ever up and near a phone in there (this if if they let you use the phone) phone Elaine and I.

I don’t know if I should start this page or not. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Are you listening to the Grey Cup Parade? (I think it is) I sure hope Edmonton wins again this year. If Calgary can’t do it, it will have to be Edmonton, just to keep it in Albert eh?

Here it is Saturday night and the Edmonton Eskimos did it. Even if I don’t understand football I am glad when someone wins!!

Well this seems to be all for now. Write when you’ve some news (soon).

Love, Kay

PS. I’ve sent in Moments to Remember for you, tell me in a letter if you have any favourite songs.


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