Rock the vote 

For the last 8 years we have been residents of the USA. Residents, but not citizens as we maintained our Canadian citizenship. For most things this didn’t really affect me – but when it came to voting it was a constant reminder that I was not living in my own country.

It used to drive my kids nuts when an election would come and I wouldn’t go out to vote. As they got older they could better understand the fact that since I wasn’t a citizen I wasn’t allowed to vote. But, they were so well taught in school that your vote matters it still upset them (and me).

Well, today I was able to vote in our federal election because I’m in my home country, where I am a citizen,  and am allowed to cast a vote. There was no way after all the struggles that the women before me went through so that we could vote that I was not going to head out to the polls.

It does not matter (it does to me) who I voted for, the point is – being able to vote is a big freaking deal. Being able to have a say in how we want our country run is one of the things that is so wonderful about Canada. I am so proud to be a Canadian and I am proud to say I voted today and tried to make a difference. My happiness moment.


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