The Church Street Cafe. 

Without a lot of morning and groanong about the details, suffice it to say that the last 24 hours have not been some of the better ones. Travelling can be a challenge and this trip threw a lot of surprises our way. 

We were feeling exhausted and frustrated this afternoon when we headed to Old Town in search of some lunch, some sunshine, and some sights. A place named the Church Cafe had been recommended to us, so that was where we decided to stop. 

Not only was the food fantastic but the waiter was so kind and funny that I left feeling so much more positive and happy about things. I don’t know that he realizes what a ray of sunshine he was on a gloomy day. We all need those bright rays shining on us and I’m so grateful that we happened upon his place. 

It is a great happiness moment to realize how a small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone. And a happy belly is that much more of a bonus!

On our way back to the hotel we saw this. Mom calls it Scary Mary in a tree.   


2 thoughts on “The Church Street Cafe. 

  1. AriesIntrovert says:

    Sorry about your traveling issues. Mercury (ruler of all things transportation) is retrograde for another week. Retrograde Mercury can often cause transportation issues. 😦

    • We didn’t time that very well then did we! I’m hoping things get better. It’s mostly my mom having the issues (she’s handicapped and the room was not what was presented). I’m looking forward to some sightseeing today though!

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