Like Waves in the Ocean

We drove home from a most enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, laugh-filled few days at the beach yesterday. Yesterday morning after breakfast Jenna and I decided to walk to the King Neptune statue and back for our last beach walk. We forgot that just because the weather  can be sunny and look warm and inviting that cold water air can make things less than ideal. We made it almost to Neptune before turning around and running back to the hotel to warm up. Since our last walk had been not exactly what we had wanted we decided to take another stab at it a couple of hours later (a bonus of having got up so early – we had lots of time to enjoy there before having to drive home).

Jacob joined us and we started by throwing a ball at the shoreline. The kids got involved in a game of their own and I left to walk by myself along the water. Deep in thought I began to ponder what coming back home would mean. It was so nice for a few days to just leave all the daily blah behind, but now my mind turned to coming back, selling the house, moving on. I thought of how this would be the first place ever that I left where I never felt like I had settled in and how incredibly lonely the past few years had been. I began to feel quite sorry for myself even letting a few drops of my salty tears leak out the sides of my eyes. As this leaking happened I began to think of a passage in the book I’d been reading by Wayne Dyer. I had summarized it in my head while walking, but here I’ll put the passage in the way he wrote it:

“You are a divine creation of God. You can never be separate from that which created you. If you think of God as the ocean and yourself as a container you may find it helpful in moments of doubt, or when you feel lost or alone, to remember that you are a container of God. When you dip your glass into the ocean, what you have is a glass of God. It’s not as big or as strong, but it’s still God. As long as you refuse to believe otherwise you won’t feel separate from God.

Think of a drop of water from the ocean of abundance that’s separated from it’s source. Separated from it’s source, that droplet of water will ultimately evaporate and return to its source. The point is that while it’s in liquid form, disconnected from its source, it loses the power of its source. This is the essence of the secret of always treasuring your divinity.

When you’re separated in your mind from your source, you lose your divine power, the power of your source. Just like the drop of water, you too will change form and ultimately return to your source. as long as you feel disconnected from God, you lose the power of your source, which is the unlimited power to create, to be miraculous, and to experience the joy of being alive. The drop of water, disconnected from its divine source, symbolizes your ego.” (10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer)

As I was walking and thinking about this I started looking at the footprints on the sand and I began to realize that even though I was walking on the beach alone, there were signs everywhere of other people (and dogs and horses) who had travelled the exact path I was on in the not so distant past, in fact I could see people who I had never met ahead of me:




I turned to thinking about something I’d learned in my Ayurveda course called the Wave Concept. Basically this is that we are all like waves on the ocean. We may feel that we are all individual waves bobbing along in the ocean, but underneath that wave we are all bound together. Sometimes our awareness of the ocean beneath us has been cut off, so we see each wave as separate, unique, individual and isolated. However, beneath each and every wave is that same ocean holding us all together.

As I had the thought of how I’m not so separate and am just one of many waves bobbing along in the ocean tied to all the other waves I had the feeling that I needed to turn around and look back at where I’d been walking. When I did I saw this:


Those two tiny “waves” running along the shoreline together giggling their heads off chasing to catch up with me to join me on my walk are the two waves that make my whole world light up. . There is no solo wave out there in the ocean, we are all bound together. I am so blessed to have these waves surfing along with me. They caught up with me and we took our first beach selfie:



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