How to annoy a goose (and a heron)

IMG_1368I came across Henry Heron (on the far left) hanging out with the Canadian Geese this morning. My iphone photo does not do it justice – it was a really beautiful sight with the geese and the heron all in the water. I had to stop and watch them for a little bit (and then fumble with my phone while wearing my gloves to try and take this picture).

The better picture – or video really- would have come about 15 seconds after I took this picture. Henry Heron does not like it when I stop and watch him, it makes him irate actually. Suddenly he started making this terrible squawking sound and lifted his huge wings and started to fly out right over the geese. Well, this seriously pissed off the geese who started jumping up 3 of 4 feet in the air above the water – flapping wings out – and letting out a huge *honk* before bouncing back onto the water. So there was the squawwwwwwk from Henry and then honk (bounce) honk (bounce) honk (bounce).
I actually laughed out loud (making my own kind of honk I suppose) watching all this happen. Obviously I am easily entertained.
Day 17 of my 44 days of happiness comes courtesy of those crazy birds and from the wonderful feeling of unexpected laughter. *honk* *squawk* *honk*

2 thoughts on “How to annoy a goose (and a heron)

  1. I live near a lake also, and love watching the birds. I take pictures with my phone, too, and most of them don’t do the birds justice at all. Lately I’ve seen a great blue heron, who won’t pose for a picture! Great shot and lovely story. Have a beautiful day!

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