Almond milk

I decided to learn to make almond milk. It’s super easy and super yummy

Soak almonds in water overnight. 


Peel them


Put in blender with 4 cups of water


Strain with cheesecloth


 Keep in glass jar with lid in the fridge 


But first heat up a cup (And one to share) and add a bit of maple syrup. Drink right before bed. 


The second time I did this I only mixes them with 2 cups water because it was a hot mess with all 4  then I added the other 2 cups after. I also strained with a small holed strainer. Much less messy than the cheese cloth

The happiness moment for the day is sitting down with my almond  milk before bed. 


6 thoughts on “Almond milk

  1. I was making my own almond milk for a while – I really like it better than store -bought. I didn’t peel my almonds though, just strained out the skins! I like the cups, too! My mother had some like those. 🙂 What is benefit of drinking before bed?

    • I’m dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety right now. I need some grounding In my consult she suggested it with some maple syrup before bed to give a little sweet love and help sleep.
      I’ve done turmeric milk before bed and it’s yummy. But I was supposed how much I like the taste of almond milk

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