Finger on the pulse

One of the biggest diagnostic tools I’m learning in my Ayurveda course is how to determine imbalances from the pulse. While I’ve been able to understand the teachings, I had a difficult time putting it into practice because I basically had no pulse. Like, if it wasn’t me taking my own pulse I’d think I was dead.
I believe the reason for this comes from both a build up of ama – and the larger cause – total depletion.
I check it every day and every day there’s either nothing at all or the faintest of blips.
I’m doing (or allowing) everything I can to restore and heal myself to regain balance.
Today – my 19th day of the 44 days of happiness – I finally and consistently had a pulse today!! This means that I’m gaining strength (and on a lesser note I will be able to further my studies with the pulse). I’m insanely excited. It’s working!!


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