And this is love



I actually don’t need much more than this for my 20th day of happiness. It’s love day and love is happiness. We had pancakes for breakfast and they drank hot cocoa and tea from their new valentines day mugs. We played Uno, Jacob and I had a very silly, very awkward and probably inappropriate conversation with Siri which was full of giggles. It was a love day.

It was also the first day of my latest session of the Healing Light Yoga Therapy  I’m taking through New World Ayurveda. I did a few of these last year and they were so yummy. It’s restorative yoga, so I guess I should clarify that the end result is yummy, but as it’s clearing out a lot of old gunk sometimes the present moments are kind of yucky. Today’s was just really clearing and healing for me though. I felt a lot of old emotions float by and hopefully clear out. Second Chakra work – it’s where all my gunk lives. So good and so powerful to be able to move some of that stuff on out. I am so thankful for this course. I could feel so many emotions move around. Things that I know I’ve been tying to let go of for years.

It goes back to that forcing vs the path of least resistance and allowing. I have spent so much time trying to *force* all these bad feelings out of my body, when what I really need to do is allow my body (and spirit) to heal and let go. I’m feeling very blessed to be back at this important work.

Happy Love Day! xoxo


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