A prayer of peace 

Today has been the most emotionally  gut wrenching day of my life.  I have been so grateful for my faith, and for the strong guidance my dad gave me as he lived his faith. 

I don’t even know how to put into words the impact that my dad has had on my life. The integrity with which he lived his life, the love he shared, the light he shone that inspired not only me but the lives of everyone he met. I was so lucky that God gave me the dad He did. 

We shared a very emotional and loving goodbye to my dad today. 

My happiness moment was at the hospice. The kids, my cousin, her husband and kids, my aunt and uncle were sitting with the social worker. The kids took some time to share their favourite memories of Dad. How he took them on flower walks, how he swam in the creek with them, how he played with them, how he loved him. 

I feel so honored to have had him in my life. Although I’m infinitely sad, I’m infinitely grateful to have known him. My faith in something greater, in something better is strengthened because of this. 

I stood outside at the barn today and said a loving prayer to my dad that was sent to me by my pastor in Roanoke 

We entrust you to God who created you. May you return to the one who formed us out of the dust of the earth. Surrounded by angels and triumphant saints, may Christ come to meet you as you go forth from this life. May Christ, the Lord of glory, who was crucified for you, bring you freedom and peace. May Christ, the High Priest, who has forgiven all you sins, keep you among his people. May Christ, the Son of God, who died for you, show you the glories of his eternal kingdom. May Christ, the Good Shepherd, enfold you with his tender care. May you see your redeemer face to face and enjoy the sight of God forever. Amen. 


15 thoughts on “A prayer of peace 

  1. Oh my dear – so much there, I am so sorry for your loss, for your family’s loss and for the big gap that he will leave in the community of people who love him. Your dad’s guidance and enthusiasm helped set me on a path that has guided me through some amazing adventures. I will be forever grateful. Sending you all big love from here –

  2. Carrie Greer says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news. My God’s peace be with you all during this difficult time. He sounds like he was an amazing dad. Love you all!

  3. Such a wonderful tribute, Melissa. Thanks so much for sharing this on such a sad day. Stephen and I are grieving with you. Your dad was such a fine man and special friend whose presence in our midst was always a treat. He will be sorely missed by many.
    Sending our love to you all,
    Caroline and Stephen

  4. Cynthia Bowen says:

    I am sad with you and rejoicing with you, friend. What a paradox our faith provides us. Our family is praying for yours. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours in abundance as you gather to remember and celebrate this very special child of God!

  5. David F. says:

    I knew your Dad via St. Martin’s and some sailing trips, I know his smile, I know his listening, I know how he loved. I am a better person because knowing him. May he rest eternal in God’s loving arms.

  6. Nabih Srour says:

    We are sorry for this great loss. John was such a special person with such a great heart. We were stunned by his generosity. He lived his faith. We cherish in our heart the moments we spent with him and his family. His smile is engraved in our heart. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and Melissa.

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