Pushing the pull door

Today Jacob and I had to go to town and renew passports and get him a SIN. We actually completed both tasks fairly easily and quickly (bonus! It seems usually most government related errands take me much longer than anticipated). 

When we were leaving the building, Jacob moved ahead of me to open the door. After pushing the handicap button a few times and pulling  the door, he turned to me with a panicked look and said the door is locked. We are stuck in here.  

Just then a lady came from the other direction and opened the door. Jacob goes ohhhhh push…..

When we were in the parking lot he said I’ve made someone somewhere happy. You know the saying “when you are feeling sad just remember somewhere in the world there’s someone pushing the pull door”.  

It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself. What a great trait! My happiness moment today. 


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