SIBO – Tincture of Death

After getting a positive diagnosis for SIBO using the breath test provided by my naturopath it was time to begin treatment. This was a slow but interesting process.

Phase one was preparing my body for the eradication phase and included lots of liver support. I was prescribed several herbs to help my liver, was drinking lemon infused water (yum), taking Iberia’s, and digestive enzymes. I also began following a SIBO specific diet which was very limited. Mostly I was eating egg yolks and steak for breakfast, and for lunch and supper eating a soup made of ground beef, tomato paste, carrots, and kale. While not cured I certainly noticed I was feeling better. Less head fog, less anxiety – but still at uncomfortable levels for both and still lots of body aches.

I finally got to phase two and started the Tincture of Death. I was so excited because with a name like that it had to be powerful right? Turns out that while it’s a pretty amazing little tincture and does lot of good things, it got its name not because of how it would kill all my wayward bacteria (which it does help do), but because it tastes like death. Or perhaps makes you wish for death while you’re drinking it. I’m pretty used to it now – but damn it took me a minute.

This was combined with some other herbal combinations to help eliminate the bacteria in my small intestine.

I’m now kind of in phase three (the biofilm buster phase) and finishing phase two. It seems there are still some of those buggers persisting.

One thing I’ve discovered about SIBO is that it’s different for everyone. The symptoms can be different, and the recovery as well – some people heal quickly, some struggle for years. I’m hopeful I’ll recover on the quicker side – I’ve got a great naturopath who really understands this issue (and who has experienced and healed from it), and I’m following all the recommendations with precision. But life and stress certainly play a role in this disorder.

I’m discovering how much SIBO has affected my mental health and my ability to function. Next time I’ll delve more into that, but for now I’ll say that when the symptoms are quieted down I feel like I can take on the world. I feel connected to the Divine, and my anxiety is basically gone. I have more energy, sleep better, and feel joyful in ways that I haven’t felt in years. When the SIBO takes over almost immediately I get head fog, body aches, disconnect spiritually and emotionally, and struggle with my anxiety to the point that I can barely handle the day. It sounds so dramatic, but it is so fascinating to me how much my gut health affects my whole way of life.


5 thoughts on “SIBO – Tincture of Death

  1. dnmandm says:

    Oh my goodness Poor you. fingers crossed for a speedy recovery If you fancy a relaxing visit up to Hamish K’s I shall be working with these 2 fillies there this summer. sit by the pond and watch muskrat, nuzzle with the donkeys and more

  2. Chelsea says:

    I just started the tincture, and like you have been put on liver support and antioxidants … also something called candibactin-br …. Feeling a bit better.. the biggest thing I notice is the energy… the less body pains… better digestion (mine was terrible…) went to countless doctors and no one could help me… thought i had ibs or something… so thankful for my naturopath.. feeling better … the tincture does really taste awful… haven’t got used to it yet and I almost feel buzzed after taking it! Lol. I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better. I think I’m headed as well in a better direction…. The anxiety is definitely improving and I never realized such a thing was related to gut health…

    • I’m really glad you’re starting to see some improvement too. I’ve joined a couple of FB pages and some of it is really encouraging, and some is the opposite lol. Either way though it helped me not feel so alone in this – it’s not something I’d heard of before. As you said, thank goodness for the naturopath! I hope things continue to improve for you!

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