The world is glittering 

Although I am more a warm weather person than a cold weather person, I love a quiet winter morning after a fresh snow. A close second to that is a crisp winter morning after Jack Frost has been out playing. 

My happiness moment today was my morning school commute. I’m always grateful that our drive is on my favorite road, this morning it was a stunning view with the trees covered in hoar frost. 

We had to pull over and breathe in the morning energy.  


I wanted to stop on the hill before home and take a photo. The whole field was lit up with glitter frost and the mountains were sharp and clear in the background. Unfortunately there was no place to pull off and I was being followed by a tanker truck, so I took a mental photo instead. 

The yard however made up for it. Sparkles everywhere while the sun shone happily down on us all.   

I am so grateful we live here surrounded by such beauty. It’s good for the soul. 


Sunshine happy people

Whatever cloud was floating around me yesterday certainly lifted today. It was sunny and 21C which seemed to turn the entire valley into a bunch of sunshine happy people. Usually on Sunday mornings before church I meet a friend at the local coffee shop and we catch up on our week, discuss a spiritual book we are reading, and make a goal for ourselves to follow for the upcoming week. This woman plucked me out of the congregation at church and invited me to join her about 3 years ago and it has been a wonderful friendship that has given me a lot of happiness and spiritual grounding.

This morning we started off sitting in the sunshine in the window before she suggested we move outside. Outside!!! On February 8th!! We sat outside at 9:30 in the morning and had coffee and tea and a visit – and it was warm!!! 

I think it kind of baked some happiness into my insides because the whole rest of the day was a sunshine happy kind of day. One of those glorious days where things just click and feel right.

We made Valentine’s Day cards in Children’s Chapel (still find it funny I’m the one teaching Children’s Chapel – but whatever, I actually really enjoy it). It was so heart warming to see how excited the kids got to make a card for someone they love. They’re just so open and free with their feelings, I learn a lot from them.

Later I walked the dog along the river with what seemed like the population of the entire valley out enjoying the sun – and actually ran into 3 different people I knew. Which, in this place where we usually still feel like transplants is a really big deal. It goes a long way to making us feel more at home.

This afternoon a friend of mine put this link on their Facebook page. REM singing the  Furry Happy Monsters – because anything that involves the Muppets makes me happy.

Today on day 14 of 44 days of happiness, it was a Sunshine Happy People day.