Sunrise over the mountain

Today is the 10th birthday of my amazing daughter Jenna. I’m sure she has brought so much more to my life than I have to hers. She has shown me pure love and true joy. I am thankful every day she chose me.

This morning I was sitting in the kitchen looking out at my beloved mountains being grateful for Jenna and thankful we are still home and can enjoy her first birthday here since her BirthDay. The mountains to the west became lit up in amazing colours reflecting the sunrise to the east and I sat down with my cup of tea to take in the beauty and joy God was showing in celebration of her special day


As I was sitting, the song “Sunrise” by Deva Primal came on my playlist. I’ve had the song a couple of years and I’m sure have played it many times but I never really heard it

Over the mountain
Spreading your light
Over the land

Another new morning
We celebrate
We are the new man

It was exactly what was happening at that moment and was such a beautiful song. I felt like I was suspended in time being showered with beauty and love. Which is exactly the spirit that is Jenna.

I am eternally grateful that this powerful spirit of love is in my life.

She is my sunrise spreading her light over the land. Happy birthday dear Jenna





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