Snow Day!

We are totally and completely snowed in. We have probably a foot and a half on the ground now, and they expect the greatest amount to fall between now and midnight. Which means by tomorrow we will have a total winter wonderland outside.

I mistakenly thought that once we moved to the South I was leaving winter behind, but apparently I was wrong. What amazes me is how much the kids love the snow. As soon as it started coming down they both dressed up and ran outside to catch snowflakes on their tongues, play with the ice and run around like maniacs. They were even excited both times that I suggested we go out and shovel the driveway (good old Jacob even went next door and helped the neighbours do their driveway).

They are loving being snowed in and having time to just relax. Actually, today was a much needed break after all of us were so stressed after yesterday. Jacob and I even had naps. I had to have a nap since he came in and bounced on my bed at 5:00am to let me know there was no school (I knew this the night before but hadn’t told him – well I paid the price for that), and Jacob crashed this afternoon – it took all of my strength not to go in and jump on his bed and wake him up *just because*.

My happiness moment for day 22 of the 44 came to me  while we were outside shoveling. First of all, I was happy simply because we were all outside enjoying each other, the kids were having fun shoveling (I was discovering that I have control issues with how I think it needs to be done which the kids found even funnier). I firmly believe that life is lived in the small moments and being able to live the small moments with them is one of the great joys of my life. The other was a huge feeling of happy gratitude. I’ve spent so many years being so run down and trying so hard to build myself up (with the forcing more then the allowing) and finally this year I was able to be outside and play and have fun and have the energy (physically and spiritually) to enjoy being in that moment.

Happy, blissful, peaceful, snow day xoxo


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