The small moments



We are still snowbound. Not that that’s a bad thing – it’s still quite nice. The great thing about being snowed in is that it forces us to just slow down and be. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to get done, no housecleaning to stress about (because if we can’t get out, no one is going to be able to get in to want a showing). We just are. Just us hanging out at home with each other. And we do weird things, simple things, fun things together because of that.

Well, first I did make them go out and shovel the driveway again. But because they didn’t grow up in Alberta like I did, it wasn’t a feared and despised chore like it was for me. They were actually excited to go out and do it. Go figure. With the three of us working together it actually was, dare I say, fun!

Helps that it wasn’t -30 and there wasn’t ice.

We also had a small comedy break as we watched the mailman drive up the unploughed hill in his Jeep. I have no idea how he kept going, but he made it all the way up and down. Although he was stuck at our driveway for a good 5 minutes while we stood there and watched. He was laughing and laughing and when he got out next door he said this was “one of those slow days” and got back in, drove back down part way and then raced back up the hill. I think there may have been more fun than work for him today. Good day to have a Jeep. Good day to be out with a positive attitude.

Yesterday I talked about finding the small things, today was all about living in the small moments. All those small things that happen that don’t really seem like much, but that actually make up life, that ground and form our relationships, that give us memories. Those are what happens in the small moments of life. I feel sometimes like we get so focused on the big moments of life, or the worrisome moments of life, that we forget the small moments. That’s where the longterm bliss lives. We can have those big happy moments like going to Disneyland, but if you don’t have the grounding of the longterm small moments already, it won’t impact the same way.

Today we had small moment fun. Small moment joys. Small moment bliss.


Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we did a couple runs down the road before they ploughed it. They were the best runs of the day. 🙂

IMG_3052Tomorrow’s another snow day, but since the roads are now ploughed, I think we will likely venture out just for a small change of scenery (and to replenish groceries – my word these children eat a lot!)

Day 23 of 44 days of happiness comes from the joy of the small moments and the blessing of being able to slow down and live and breathe in those small moments.


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