Healing light yoga

Today was the second class of my 6 week healing light yoga therapy series. I’m taking them through New World Ayurveda –  I love these classes. They’re live and online so I don’t have to go anywhere or organize anything for the kids. I just have to show up in front of my computer ready for some bliss (well, it’s not always bliss – but it works towards bliss). This series works on releasing habits, addictions, and attachments. Oh, how I have things stored up in me that I’ve had a difficult time letting go of. I know all those beliefs, habits, attachments etc. that I’ve held on to for so long must have served me – they probably were necessary in the past in some way, shape or form – but I don’t need them now. Easy to say – harder to just let go of. This class is so enlightening and I love the way Asrael guides us along. In fact her voice is so calming and soothing I tend to completely lose myself in the class. One minute I’m working on the healing breath and then next thing I know moments have gone by that I can’t account for – where I’ve just gone somewhere in my bliss.

Sometimes when I’m done I feel fantastic, sometimes when I’m done I feel upset, angry, sad. It all works towards happiness and bliss. But, sometimes that letting go can be a bit gucky. I’m pretty sure that was what my anxiety was about from the other day in fact. Holding on..letting go..allowing.

My routine was a bit different this morning since the class is later than I normally do my yoga, so Ella was already off doing something else when I rolled out my mat. But, as soon as I had it out and was in my chair getting the computer ready for the class these eyes appeared on my mat:


She ran back and forth between the mat and the chair and several times when Asrael was talking peered up on the table to get a good look at her. You can see other participants on the screen – and I was amazed at how many of them had their cats sitting there with them waiting for class to start (Including Asrael’s cat).

We did two asanas (you hold them for a long time and do some breathing work). The first one was supported child’s pose. So, I’m lying there doing my breathing, listening to Asrael guiding us, and I start feeling *whack* *whack* *whack* on my feet. Ella had her mouse and was beating at my feet with it. Then she’d run around my body a few times mewing, then back to the feet *whack* *whack*. We took a little break after this for questions and Ella ran out of the room. But when we moved into the next pose – fish pose- she was back *whack* *whack*. Then she took her mouse, sat right above my head and tore that poor mouse apart. I’m doing my breathing and I can hear *riiip* *scraaaatttchhh* *puuuuurrrrrrrr*. Here’s the poor mouse after yoga class:IMG_3107

What can I say? She truly is a yoga cat!

We are stranded in the house again. 9 inches of snow came down by 3:00 this afternoon. For a while at 6:00am there were 3 inch round disks of snow falling out of the sky. It looked like giant snowballs. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I did force the monsters outside for forced family fun time. IMG_3123

Day 27 of the 44 days of happiness came later on this afternoon when we sat down and played some board games (or “we’re bored games)” Spontuneous is a new game for us and it was a hoot! I will never, ever be able to play it with anyone besides the kids – but oh man did we have a blast. It involves a lot of singing – and since I am more than a little vocally challenged it made it both fun and painful.

I got this card on my last spot – complete it and I would win the game:


I jumped up, huge grin and said “country music! This is awesome! Are you ready? I’m going to do it with the actions and everything”

Then preformed the entire chorus (with actions) to Fishin’ In The Dark. Sad that the kids didn’t even bat an eye at it – like it was completely normal. Which I guess it was – normal for us…not normal for other people.IMG_3127


4 thoughts on “Healing light yoga

  1. That yoga sounds lovely! I have been going to a yoga class once a week and I love it. I’ve looked up New World Ayurveda and am considering enrolling in it myself. I’ve been learning about Ayurveda for a little over a year and love the concepts. I’m just not sure I’m ready to commit to a course of study. I’d love to hear more about it. About how many hours a week do you spend on it?

    • I’m doing the independent study course and have stretched it out to two years. I also didn’t really know much about Ayurveda when I started so I had a lot of learning to do quickly (which is how the course is set up, but I think some people go in with more knowledge than I had). I spend anywhere from an hour to 10 hours a week depending on how the week is going. The classes are 5 hours. You can do a live online class and that meets once a week for 5 hours (then you’d be done in 10 months), or do it the way I do independently.
      I can see the attraction to the live classes, it just didn’t work with my schedule.
      I love it. They’re very helpful and I’ve learned a lot. It’s changed everything about how I live my life.

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