Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob has been a part of our family tv watching for at least 10 years now. I remember the first time I discovered him – I was home sick from work and kept Jacob at home with me, he was 2 or 3. We were bored and I was just kind of lying on the couch flipping through channels until I came upon Spongebob. It must have been some kind of marathon (or perhaps just that way those kids channels have of playing the same shows over and over), but Jacob and I spent a good two days in front of the TV watching Spongebob.

I was surprised later on to find out that other parents had really strong negative reactions to him. For me he’s always been  pleasant little sponge who is nice to everyone. It was a nice break from Dora and Blues Clues (both of which were nice wholesome shows) and a huge improvement over Caillou (the most annoying kid on TV – made even more annoying when watched en français), or Max and Ruby (most annoying sister ever. Where are the parents? And if Grandma lives right across the yard why don’t they live with Grandma? Perhaps because Ruby’s so bossy, or because Max only speaks in one word sentences).

See, even all these years later I still have such strong reactions to those shows. But Spongebob was always something we could agree on. Even en français he was still pretty cool (those Québec years we watched a lot of French kids TV). It’s carried us through a lot of changes. As the kids tastes in shows has changed and as they want to watch things independently from me now, it’s something that we can always come back to together and enjoy. That and The Goldbergs which is our current favourite show.

Jenna and I were bored today and decided to go to a matinee showing of the new Spongebob movie. It was rated 4 stars, but still I went in not really sure how much we would enjoy it.  I think having David Hasselhoff in the last one had me a bit leery of this current one. But it was funny!! Jenna made comments and giggled the whole way through. She was very empathetic towards Plankton and spent a lot of time figuring out why he was being treated the way he was. But giggled and laughed at every single joke – and there were lots. I have to say I enjoyed it too. It was fun to spend some time with my baby-who-isn’t-a-baby watching something that we have enjoyed together for years.

An hour and a half of belly giggles did a lot for the soul too. Fun to just sit and laugh with someone you love. That was my happiness moment for day 35 of the 44 days of happiness. Giggles with my favourite girl at the Spongebob movie. And Squidward’s interpretive dance at the end of the movie. Because sometimes you need to do that.


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