My sanity walks

Walking  the river in Roanoke began the healing of my spirit. Ever since I stopped riding I’d been searching for something to take on that spiritual healing part of my life. I have found it somewhat both through yoga and my morning walks. 

Well, now my morning walks look like this:


And not only is it beautiful, but it is the place where my spirit soars. Where with every step I take I have a memory attached to it. This road I walk I have ridden my beloved ponies hundred of times over the years. I have ridden down this road with my grandpa, my mom, my dad, my sister, my cousin, my dog. I have even pretended to chase cows down this road. 

Today as I stopped to admire the view I heard honking. I thought it was geese, but when I turned 2 pairs of swans were right over my head   They flew and honked right  past me  heading towards my parents’ place. I had to just stand in the middle of the road and be happy and grateful that I was here in that exact moment. My moment of happiness.    


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