Happy Dottie

this is what the happiest dog in the world looks like


I don’t think her tail stopped wagging the entire walk.  She’s as happy to be here as I am to have her. 

Even though she would never admit it , Ella is happy too. She is helping me blog right now


So happy they are safely here after such a long flight. Almost 2,000 miles they travelled yesterday. So grateful for all the love and kindness of my husband who worked so hard getting them here 💗💗. 


3 thoughts on “Happy Dottie

  1. strongernow says:

    Ah… I see your blog… and on seeing your happy dog.. I look down on my happy dog at my feet.
    Thank you. Because I was starting to take these moments for granted.
    Their love for granted.
    Thank you for reminding me.
    They are love personified.
    And though you sometimes have to be practical and harsh when it comes to love,
    You cannot imagine your life without love and its ups and downs.
    And the best thing to do, is just laugh and love right back,

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