Jasmine and the stress ball

We went to a workshop today which included how to make stress balls with a balloon and rice. While it was a bit stressful to make, they actually turned out to be pretty decent stress balls.

This evening we were watching tv and the girl started tossing her ball in the air. This got the intense attention of naughty Jasmine.

We spent the next half hour driving her nuts by throwing the ball to each other while she lost her mind trying to attack the stress ball.

The boy stopped part way and said it’s supposed to be a stress ball but it’s really a Jasmine toy

To which I responded yeah, but are you stressed?

Living in the moment – it takes the stress away.


Love cuddles

When we got Ella 4.5 years ago she made it quickly known that she was a close but no touching kind of cat. Not to say that she didn’t ever want cuddles, but she’d quickly get overtouched and need some personal space.

She was annoyed she had so share her world with the dog. But when we added more cats I thought she’d lose her mind.

But slowly she got used to her new siblings. She started to relax more, was more cuddly more often, and generally seemed happier.

And now things like this happen

The power of love never ceases to amaze me.

Often those who act like they need love the least actually crave it the most. True for Ella, but also true for the rest of us humans.


His little face

I came home tonight from a friends house tired and ready for bed. I looked into the house as I pulled up and I saw Aladdin’s little face staring out the window at me.

He sleeps with me every night and he gets upset if I’m not there at bed time. I’ve noticed that if I’m out he will sit and stare out the window waiting for me to come home so he can go to bed.

The power of love 💕


Family bonding

This afternoon Aladdin took a little nap with his adopted kitten Jasmine. Interestingly our only male cat has decided he is in charge of the baby.

It made me think of how strong the bond of unconditional love is and what a family means. Aladdin is close with Abu because they are brother and sister, and have spent their whole lives together. Aladdin and Jasmine have chosen to be close and have formed their own family bond.

Sometimes we are blessed with blood relatives who love us unconditionally, sometimes we have to create those bonds with a family we were not born into.

The kids and I are fortunate in that we were born to this tribe who loves so fiercely. However we also have a family of chosen loved ones as well.

Love doesn’t happen when its convenient for you, it comes with a huge amount of responsibility, it is a rare and beautiful gift that not everyone has an open enough heart to appreciate.

Today we were reminded that it’s important to love each other no matter what, to love our loved ones no matter what, and to remember that if someone you love says you’ve hurt them – the correct response always should be Im sorry, and I love you.


Spot it

The kids and I spent more time packing and sorting things today. This has been the longest process to move the shortest distance ever.

We stopped part way through when we found one of our favorite old games Spot It. We were obnoxious and loud as we yelled out our finds, and laughed and remembered how much fun it is to play together.

Then for a little evening entertainment we brought one of the barn kittens in to give her some homemade formula. Hopefully her mom comes back for her soon. But ohhh she’s so cute


The cat house

I woke up today and there was a cat sleeping outside everyone’s door. Apparently we have all been assigned cats and they guard us at night.

Aladdin is sitting close by me now waiting for bed. He won’t cuddle all day but at bed time o’clock he starts to come closer, and as soon as I go to bed he makes a nest between my feet and sleeps all night.

Therapy cats.

They sure have brought a lot of comfort and joy to this house