This evening after a couple of very emotional days made more difficult by my body deciding to express its grief by having major hip muscle pain (root chakra imbalance anyone? Given the core of our family stability shaken I’d think so), I came home and had a three hour nap. Awesome. 

After I managed to roll my butt off the couch, I headed up to visit my cousin. The wonderful thing about living here is all I have to do to go see her is walk around the field where the horses are grazing and I’m there. We can yell at each other across the yard.

I sat with her and her husband and we watched the movie Speed and we visited. It was so nice to just have a little bit of normal. Plus the horses. Just being so close to the horses makes me happy. That was my happiness moment for the day. 

Had a secondary happiness moment earlier with my mom. I drove her to the funeral home in an attempt to make things easier for her and to give her a break from driving. An almost wrong turn lead the poor driver behind us to almost pile off the road. Once we got home it took me forever to back her van into the garage. For some reason my mom found both of these events hysterically funny and laughed and laughed. It was nice to hear her laugh. She thanked me for making her feel so much more relaxed and safe while I drove (insert sarcasm). And laughed. Good intentions and all….


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