It’s MY happiness moment. 

We had to go into the mall today. Kind of a bummer because  it was 31C out and since it’s the 11th of August, summer could end without  notice. That said, at least we were going to the store for a fun shopping experience. I was buying a birthday present for a niece and it included a stop at Lululemon. 

Say what you will about the place, I always have a happy shopping experience at Lululemon. Sure, the clothes run a bit pricy – but I love them, and I’ve noticed all clothes everywhere are pricy. I balance my obsession by doing the rest of our shopping  at TJ Maxx or Winners. 

Jenna and I played around in the store, for the first time ever I even let her try on some clothes (something I’d avoided as I didn’t want to share my small funding for my clothes with her) and she had a blast. She brought in a whole bunch of clothes and found a pair of OM Pants that were on sale. Thank goodness for their sales. I bought her the pair for her first day of school, got the gift certificate and we ran out of the store before I weakened and bought everything in sight. 

As we were standing in the mall figuring where to go next Jenna sat on the Lululemon wall and said mommy, take a picture of me. 


She was very insistent that I take the picture and wanted it to be a good one. When I asked her why she was making such a big deal of it, she said I want you to write about it in your blog mommy. I want this to be your happiness moment today because it’s my happiness moment. She reached over and grabbed my hand. I want us to share our happiness moment today. 

What a sweetheart. And that right there was my happiness moment. 


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